Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 Photoshoot - YiChing

Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival has just passed and it reminded me the photos that I took during Chinese New Year 2011 . I hereby presenting you the rabbit of the year - YiChing.

Noticed I took more photos of YiChing, and that's why less photo for Cayenne Lim and Alicia Phang *paiseh*. Maybe because they were modeling for Feeq and Jason? I can't remember. Nevermind, I will label all photos below with number and do tell me which top 3 are your favourite shots okay?

#1 If it is a fashion shot, people want model to smile less. Is it true?

#2 I prefer capture photo of people smiling as it brings joy to people who looking at it

#3 Trying to create motion by asking YiChing to fling her hair

#4 Portrait

#5 Cute

#6 Reading the 'Book of Fate'

#7 "缘"

#8 Candid

#9 To prove that YiChing is cute and short? haha

#10 Low angel

#11 Crossing the leg the right way can make the leg look long & slim

#12 Cayenne and YiChing playing with Mandarin Orange. Which is one of the prop

#13 My personal favourite. It looks fun!

#14 Posing for Jason

#15 50mm f1.8

#16 A soft fling this time

#17 I was trying to create elegant feel when she walking down stairs

#18 Resting & candid

#19 Went to the bamboo area

#20 YiChing with Alicia Phang

#21 There were Chinese Painting hanging outside

#22 This will guide your visual focus from her to the art piece

#23 I wish there was an antique chair instead of the plastic chair

#24 YiChing is one of the blooming flower

#25 花开富贵

#26 Eye contact

#27 There were mosquito around the bamboo. Sorry for the models =S

#28 Posing after heard my shutter

#29 I asked for different poses

#30 T.T for the mosquito bites?

#31 A different side of YiChing? *aggresive*

#32 Natural laugh =)

#33 Cayenne and YiChing
Last photo of the photoshoot!

Thanks YiChing for being one of the models in my first ever photoshoot with CNY theme @ Thean Hou Temple with Feeq and Jason! Remember tell me which top 3 are your favourite shots okay? Feel free to comment below!

You can check out my other photos from Alicia and Cayenne by checking out this Thean Hou Temple Series.

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