Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Race @ Sepang F1 Circuit . I'm Racing on the Circuit!

On the cloudy Tuesday morning (27/8/2011) I drove to Sepang F1 Circuit for Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Race Day. Initially I didn't expect much thing to happen except the race. But out of my expectation I get to do on-road test drive Volkswagen car (Polo/Golf/Scirocco/EOS) one big round circling Sepang International Circuit AND also Driving Training which allows me to fully speed up the car and throttle with a quick halt. What an amazing experience!! That's not all, I get to drive race Polo GTI ON THE TRACK OF F1 CIRCUIT! Whoa~!

Thanks to the lucky draw on the event it self ;p

Welcome to Scirocco R-Cup Malaysia @ Sepang International Circuit
Arrive at Sepang F1 Circuit and coincidentally saw HuaiBin there too. We took a golf cart to go inside the hall. Thanks Volkswagen for the cordial service. Do you know how many time have I been here for events?

Saw "Ang-mo" model so we took photo together.
They are even skinnier than me.
*suck my belly*

Fair and white Volkswagen Polo GTI was showcased in this room

Took some photos of the Polo GTI

Here's Polo GTI's engine, driving panel, tyres and the control panel.

Registering myself for Volswagen Driving Experience and choose Volkswagen EOS 2.0, which I haven't test drive before; Register for On Road test drive with Volkswagen Scirocco TSI due to limited morning slot. Glad that I arrive early that day.

While waiting, this is what I saw
The prettiest model among all

After almost reaching the time, we head to Volkswagen VIP Test Drive Area. A comfortable waiting zone for us to take turn in the driving experience session. Food was served in the cafeteria zone.

That's me! First time test drive at Sepang F1 Circuit =D

You can't bang people in real life, but you can duel with your friends by playing Polo GTI Racing Simulator available in the VIP Test Drive venue.

Thanks to Volkswagen, I've tried out Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Golf on the trip to Kelantan Tanjong Jara Resort but decided to be the passenger in Scirocco last time. Therefore this time I choose Scirocco for on-road experience.

So this is the gorgeous blue that I drive on the road around Sepang International Circuit to try out Scirocco TSI performance. There was a Volkswagen staff accompany me along the trip and it was fun to drive a cool car on the road. Especially when it can pick up speed in really fast pace. Same apply to the break, with just a little step on the break pedal the car quickly slowed down. Notice the no-frame mirror will auto slot up when I close the door. I can manually change the gear by just using finger pressing the bar at the side of the driving panel. That's very convenient to speed up and change gear =)


After finish test drive the Scirocco, we had a briefing by Alven, the Volkswagen Crew before having our driving course with 3 exciting driving challenges. He taught us to really step on the break pedal as fast as possible after fully accelerate the car. That's awesome ;p

Can you see who is planking there together with Volkswagen? =P

Saimatkong is! Glad that we are able to drive the same car and record down our experience for each other.

Here's the sexy red Volkswagen EOS 2.0 that we are driving for the driving challenge.

Challenge 1: Don't be hesitate to fully speed up your car and quickly press the break pedal once you reach the first cone. This is to test the quick pick-up speed and quick gripping ability of Volkswagen cars.

Challenge 2: Similar to Challenge one but we need to avoid the cone in front while slowing down after reach the first cone. Quick and stable steering skill required.

Challenge 3: Maintain car speed at 50 km/h and try to avoid the obstacle in front by just steering a bit to the side. It sounds easy but not really after you tried it yourself.
Watch the video below for our driving experience! It is really fun because I wasn't able to do it with my own car but I can do it with Volkswagen providing this valuable opportunity!! Not that I am willing to scratch and rub down my own car tyres also haha

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Test Drive Experience @ Sepang F1 Circuit
Fully speed up and then quickly press on the break pedal. Wow!

Thanks Alven and his buddy for demonstrate and guiding us on how to drive Volkswagen like a G6

After the test drive challenge, we went back to the hall where VIP can hang out and to figure out who are the 30 lucky draw winners to win the Driving On Track experience.

I guess the babes brought us good luck ;p

Yes my name is on the lucky list!! *gratitude*

So this will be my first time racing on the track of Sepang F1 Circuit with Volkswagen car!
Choose Scirocco or brand new Polo GTI?

We need to wear the "ninja-like-mask" before wearing the helmet. Same goes to lady. Congratz her to become a ninja/robber also nyahaha.

TC, the racer from Akihabara 秋葉原 and Saimatkong
It would be cooler if we can wear the real racing helmet ;p

So here's my sporty red Polo GTI which I am going to drive it on track

Listening to Fly FM while waiting for other participant to get ready

I looks funny but cannot not camwhore in this car at that moment ;p

There we go!! Getting prepared to race on the track. We were given 3 laps to drive on the circuit. Warm-up at first lap, then we can overtake each other at second lap (Hot Lap), slow down the car to give it a rest at last rep (Cold Lap).

Check out my video below!!

My Volkswagen Polo GTI Drive on Scirocco R-Cup @ Sepang F1 Circuit |

Yay, my second time camwhore with Sepang F1 Circuit.

We were trying to record and snap some photos of Volkswagen Polo GTI and Scirocco driving on the circuit. I can say they all drive faster and better than me haha. Check out the video above!

After the precious first-time-racing-on-circuit moment and adrenaline rush, we head back to the room where we had our lunch. Thanks for filing my stomach =)

Due to the low blood pressure after meal, didn't snap much photo during the Porsche event that was also taking place there. And I need a better lens too. Wanna sponsor me? I promise I will take nice photo for you!

Decided to head back home after all those adrenaline rush move, thanks Volkswagen for this opportunity especially being the lucky one to drive on the circuit. It is definitely an unforgettable experience that I will always remember in my life.

Even when I driving back home with my own car, anything with "NFS" will become Need for Speed. Seems like I can't get enough of it.

Do visit The Dome in upcoming weekends for Volkswagen latest and hottest models. Come for a Volkswagen experience like never before! For more information about Volkswagen Das Auto Show, visit

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