Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos

[All photos below were taken using Nikon AF-S VR-NIKKOR 70-200mm 1:2.8G Zoom Lens]

To create a quick summary of Konsert Suara Kami, I am here to share photos of all artists including the emcee. Took tons of photos but I will share only some of it for each artist @ Suara Kami Concert 2011!! Were you there at the SuaraKami Karnival too?

I was sitting far away from the stage, therefore this is the best shot for Hujan band. Later then only we went to the photographer zone =) Thanks Astro for that.

Aznil Haji Nawawi and Raneeta

Battle Ruffneck

Soul Crazy - one of the member

Yuna - Gadis Semasa

Naresh Iyer - Yethi Yethi

Chinmayi + Naresh Iyer - Kilimanjaro

Eanhitz funny face with Aznil Haji Nawawi
Aznilcan talk a lot and really fast

Pop Shuvit - Mara Bahaya

Psycho Unit - Medley [Cheeky Ponamma + Kuku Be]

Psycho Unit - Medley [Cheeky Ponamma + Kuku Be]

Psycho Unit - Medley [Cheeky Ponamma + Kuku Be]

Jehan Miskin


Rosmah's wink

The crowd at hot zone

Hins Cheung - My Way , Deadline

Faizal Tahir - Karma

Faizal Tahir climbing on the stage

Stacy - Medley [ Casanova+Jahat]

What's her name?

A happy audience

Rock Band + Lan Typewritter - Medley [ Ilusi intonasi: Pawana, Seruan, Sejati]

Rock Band + Lan Typewritter - Medley [ Ilusi intonasi: Pawana, Seruan, Sejati]
Their song sounds too rock for me =(

Rania - DR Feelgood

Rania - Masquerade

Rania - Stand Up 4 Love

Small part of Rania's fans

Rania Heart You

Jin was there and took a photo with him

Nelly - Dilemma

Nelly - Party People

Nelly - One & Only

Nelly - Just Dream

Altimet - Malaysian Boy

Ila Damia -Malaysian boy

Point Blanc - Malaysian Boy

Rabbit Mac -Malaysian Boy

Closing of SuaraKami Concert 2011

Ended my day with a bottle of RM2 Mineral water
I was utterly tired and now down with flu and cough because of the "Hujan"
Anyway, hope you like my photos taken at Konsert Suara Kami 2011 =)

So, Which artist do you wish to see more of their photos?
Start comment below!!

PS: All photos above was taken using Nikon AF-S VR-NIKKOR 70-200mm 1:2.8G. It is heavy but a very nice len to have!
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