HTC Desire S Review - Overall Performance #maxis10

Here is the 6th post about HTC Desire S and I am gonna conclude about this brand new gadget that I've spend time with for almost two weeks.

1. Various Built-In Camera Effects
The function that I use the most because it is a good camera when I didn't have my heavy DSLR besides me. It makes my Twitpict looks more interesting with better quality too. You can read my full review about the 5 MP camera.

2. HTC Desire S Built-In Navigation System
Whenever I need to go somewhere new in the Town, GPS Navigation is important to me because KL road is so "smooth" to drive on. Like it more than BlackBerry's Google Map navigation because it has voice navigation guidance. Although it sounds a bit robot but better than no voice at all =)

Talking about navigation I wanna share about HTC Desire S Wi-Fi hotspot function too. Managed to make it become a WiFi modem and share with my friends my Data Plan to connect to the internet. Sharing is caring right? However make sure you are charging your phone too because it run off battery really fast.

3. HTC Sense in HTC Desire S
With HTC Sense in this smartphone, I can really customized the phone and make it as a unique gadget only for me. Not to forget the "lost and found" function available =) With just a simple registration you can have a HTC Sense Account and you can download more ringtone, wall paper and HTC widget from HTC Hub.

The real time weather forecast really catch my attentions because it has so many beautiful graphic changes according to the current weather and location. Imagine there is a viper to "wipe" the rain from your screen =)

Downloading new wallpaper through HTC Hub. You can use the animated wallpaper too, just that it consume more battery life =)

4. Android Market with lots of useful apps
With the current Android Market, I can make my smartphone even smarter by downloading apps from there. You can crop the song and make it become your personalized ringtone, write blog online, connect with friends on may different kind of social platform, barcode scanner, and spend your leisure time with tons of FREE games!!

Because of its 1 GHz processor speed, I can play Angry Birds Rio thousand time just to grab 3 Stars at Level 4-15. Yeah you can call me insane for trying so many time to hit the white parrot. Waiting for the May Series now.

However I gotta mention that sometimes when you run multiple applications at the same time. The phone will become laggy and sometimes the apps will crash.

5. Video and Audio Quality of HTC Desire S
HTC Desire S is really good when playing video on its 3.7 inch touch screen. Can view Youtube Video in HD with its SRS audio features. That's the reason why I always play Youtube using this smartphone. Besides, the web browsing experience is definitely awesome as it can be totally the same as your PC. It can show GIF, Adobe Flash, load Javascript and more!

As for the recording features, HTC Desire S can record HD video up to 720 pixels and it is really good during day time where you can do point focusing by just touching the screen. See video below:

HTC Desire S Point focusing during video recording

However there is a downside when recording using HTC Desire S, there is only one mic which is just beneath the phone. If you accidentally covered the little hole your recorded audio will be blur. Besides, the mic is very sensitive to noise around the environment. The treble is quite loud and sometimes ruin the video. Here's a video I recorded about birds tweeting in the cage:

HTC Desire S Audio Quality in Recorded Video

I tried to record a video with me talking inside but find it hard because whenever I turn the camera around it lost its focus point and no auto focus unless you pre-focus the similar distance first. Therefore this time you can't see my talking video with myself in it.

Besides that, I think the speaker should be designed and placed a bit higher than the camera because whenever I placed my phone flat on the table it will lower the music. Almost half of the speaker was covered by the table...

6. HTC Desire Battery Die Fast is the Main Turn Off
HTC Desire S is definitely a better smarphone although it is smart enough to meet my needs. Just hope that the 1450mAh battery will auto upgraded to 1800 mAh in future production. You can read "How to lengthen HTC Desire S Battery life" here.

In conclusion, I like this sleek smartphone both outside and inside. No more button dirts problem compared to HTC Desire and smoother gadget to bring along and make it as part of my life.

HTC Desire S is currently available with Maxis Malaysia
HTC Desire S Original Price is RM 1,799 (RRP)

If subscribe with Maxis Plan (iValue 50/80/150/250/500) + choose a Data Plan (500MB, 1.5 GB, 3.0 GB) you can get your HTC Desire S as cheap as RM 1,299. You can save RM 500 for the phone! For more details of this package please visit

Thanks again to Maxis10 Program for choosing me as one of the reviewer for HTC Desire S. You can grab your chance of reviewing a brand new gadget too. Visit Maxis10 now and register yourself!

As about this phones will belongs to me or not, it will be decided by Maxis. Results haven't been announced but finger crossed! =)

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