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HTC Desire S In My Hand #Maxis10

Received a call few days ago and happy to be one of the selected bloggers for HTC Desire S #maxis10 Review. The other reviewers are:

Bloggers who attended today to receive HTC Desire S for #maxis10 review.

"I fly like paper get high like plane"

I like the very easy "Transfer My Stuff" function of HTC Desire S. You can easily transfer your contact, SMS to the new gadget =)

Just remember to be careful when you are synchronizing your phone with Data Plan and the internet to your Facebook and Twitter account+++ Cos you won't know what will happen with just one magic touch.

I did a wrong move and it spammed friend's mailbox now. Sorry guys for that ... Anyway, thanks Maxis again for choosing me as one of the reviewer. Proper review post coming up soon!

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