NTV7 Yuan Carnival Yuan You Hui 2011 NTV7 园游会

NTV7 Yuan Carnival 2011 (Yuan You Hui @ 园游会) was successfully organized at SJK(C) Kheow Bin 僑民華小, Batu Caves. I was there only after 3pm therefore miss out some of the moments happened during the morning.

Immediately when I walked into the school a scout student came up and help me put on a paper bracelet. Which is lucky number for everyone of us to win lucky draws.

8TV Crews was there to do some giveaway too. If you are interested in appear in TV screen and speak good chinese, you can have interview at the NTV7 News Booth. Same to guys who wanna participate "The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男"

On the stage:
OneFM DJs (Wayne 唐纬颜, Ernest Chong 张顺源, Jane 黄明慧) and one of the NTV 7 News reporter

Ernest Chong 张顺源 - 獨家追輯最佳男配角得主

There were some event going on the stage. Testing how much the children know about their mom.

Is there any funny answers?

This kid said wanna buy BIG BIG BIG Computer for his mom, so what do you think? lol
Happy Mother's Day Hugging =)

After that Lucas and Jane went on stage again for F.I.R. promo giveaway

Cash prize up to RM700 to give out to the public too

She is one of the lucky winner who won RM500-700 Cash

This guy sang 我要飞 but sounds more like 我要"肥"
"Fei fei fei fei, fei fei wo yao FEI"

They need to squash the balloons as fast as possible to win a pair of tickets to F.I.R.『創世紀』‘Genesis’ It’s My Live World Tour Concert In Malaysia.

Even if he need to trash his pant while crashing the balloons also worth the concert tickets ;p
Yes his pant teared apart and need to be censored lol

There are food coupon selling in the venue

And I get myself YoYoIce to cool myself down. The weather is so damn hot =.="

Sotong Ball

Saw Lau Fu Zi 老夫子 mascot while walking around
You can take group photo with them.
*Personally think their eye look a bit too high looks retarded*

Say Hi to Yuan Carnival Crews at the Information Booth

Because F.I.R. was trapped in the airport and traffic jam the Karaoke Sing K contest was bring earlier. Now this aunty no need to shade behind the tree.

Because almost all the participants of Karaoke contest are old folks. I walk to the field and see if manage to capture some nice photos of the youngsters.

Little Botak

First time saw people throwing bag like throwing ball to each other

You never know what is waiting for you at behind

Happy kids running around the field

Brother and sister racing with each other

"Let me teach you how to fly it high" with confident smile

"3...2...1...Fly high propeller!"

There is a elastic type propeller selling for the kids too. Saw it in Phuket last year.

"Bubble bubble, double double... woooo~"

"Mom I found something nice there! Come with me!!"

"I know you took her propeller...dun run away"

Saw this kid walking around the field alone and I guess this is what running in his mind.
"Follow Me!!"

"Ooooo....Feel a bit hungry"

At last F.I.R. arrived at SJK(C) Kheow Bin 僑民華小, Batu Caves for F.I.R.『創世紀』‘Genesis’ It’s My Live World Tour Concert In Malaysia.

See more photos of F.I.R. at this post:
F.I.R. @ ntv7 Yuan Carnival 园游会 2011

Last but not least, a photo with Jane 黄明慧 before I left the venue after F.I.R. 2 Songs Showcase She is kinda funny in “Time FM @ 时光电台 Chinese TV Series
"Hui wei fa fa wei fei fei hei fa wei fei"

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