HTC Desire S 5MP Camera Reviewed #maxis10

Been playing with HTC Desire S for almost 2 weeks and here comes the review of its 5MP Camera with its strong LED Flash. It looks small from the outside but I tell you it is quite powerful when compared with my Blackberry =)

There are many kind of photo effects for you to play with along their built-in camera. You can do Distortion, Vignette, Depth of Field, Vintage (Cold/Warm), Grayscale, Sepia, Negative, Solarize, Posterize, and Aqua affects.

Below are some of the photos taken using HTC Desire S 5MP camera:

The HTC Desire S camera can focus quite well during day time. You can touch on the screen to select the spot where you want your camera to focus.

This is the image of KLCC bridge after fully zoom in
Manage to capture it without blur after a few attempts

There is a down side when using the HTC Desire S to snap photos in a very dark place. It won't be able to focus well without enough light source. However, if it happen to focus correctly, the LED light won't over expose the photo and the color of the photo is well balanced. That's really good feature included.

Depth of Field effects
Does Concorde now looks like a toy building for you?

Taken during Maroon 5 Live In KL Concert.
It is a good phone when the concert doesn't allow DSLR or when your compact cam run out of batteries.

personaly feel that concert photo looks better in black and white
Maybe because of reduced noise?

Here is a photo of Suki during her performance at Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011

This is the big and clear the photo uploaded to TwitPict
Make sure you have a good data plan to support high upload speed. Or else the upload progress might take quit a long time. I was uploading it using EDGE speed lol

Sometimes you can create and post up something new to let your friend guess what is the thing in the pixelized photo. I posted the picture on the left on Twitter. People been guessing it as an apple. But the truth is it is a pomelo.

This is a normal picture of a white pigeon

But with the helps from PicSay. The rainbow effects totally change the feel of this picture =)

Thanks to HTC Desire S for being an Android phone, you can always download PicSay app and lots more other useful apps from the Android Market for FREE.

Last but not least, HTC Desire S is definitely a good helper when you wanna buy new shirt but can't decide immediately. This is just one of the random shirt I tried.

Do note that you can always add on special effect to the picture BEFORE & AFTER you took it. However there is a few different effects between them. For example, Pixelize only available before you took the picture.

Next part of HTC Desire S review would be the entertainment part. Music, Video Recording, Radio, Games +++ Stay tuned!

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