Olivia Ong 王俪婷 @ Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011

Due to special request by the readers, I am gonna share photos of Olivia Ong taken during Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 =) She is one of my favourite artist and that's the reason I attend #TAMF2011.

Olivia dressed in red with fleshcolor
+ a little blings at the end of the long shirt

After look carefully then notice Olivia is wearing a red scarf too

The stage lighting giving more visual effect to this photo

Waved at her and glad she look down in the camera =D

Feeling easy and comfort performing on stage

Yay second look into the camera haha

Another look before she move in front to the stage

The moment Olivia sang 如燕

Olivia Ong - 如燕 Live @ Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011
Woot can watch in HD, thanks Simon Seow for the video

Olivia look even more red when the stage lights turn to red

A smile from Olivia

Looking for her supporting fans

Are you one of her fans that attend TAMF2011 yesterday?
Hope you got her wave back ya~

Noticed the super high heels?

Here is a closer looks of Olivia's shoes
I always salute people who wearing high heels whole day long.
Now this post sounds more like celebrity's fashion discovery/research.

This is the first time Olivia performed with dancers around her
"I Can't Go For That"

Does Olivia looks stand out is this photo? =)

Not to forget her awesome & lovely performance at Asian Music Festival 2011

Song that Olivia performed in AMF2011 are "You And Me", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Luka", "如燕" and "I Can't Go For That". Hope to see Olivia perform again in Malaysia =D

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