White iPad 2 + Mooky OBS + HTC Desire S

Today become a-day-video-shooting-assistant with Nigel Sia and Jackie Loi. Woke up late and thought I might be in trouble. However luckily not only me are late...So I still considered arrived on time! lol

Mooky from One Buck Short @jollymooky is one of the cast in the video.
Do you know that OBS has strong fans base in China? =)

Niki from 7 Eleven and Nigel Sia =)
There will be a contest open to public for you to win awesome prizes. So stay tune for the contest~!

There are lots of funny scenes that will makes you laugh. Which will only be seen in back scene + blooper video. Quite nice to be part of the crew. Did some product photo shoot and played with Nigel shooting equipment.

What are the prizes for the upcoming prizes? Maybe a brand new iPad2? Huhu~
Do you want it?

Today used the HTC Desire S as Wi-Fi hotspot. Maximum can connect up to 5 gadgets. Glad that it manage to help people through sharing the internet =) Luckily there are laptop for me to charge the phone, or else the battery will die off too soon.

As you can see I didn't groom my hair today. So good night everyone! Kinda exhaousted myself again these few days. Have a happy weekend!

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