JW Black Circuit Lounge 2011 | Palace of Golden Horse

After had a blast at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2010 @ Swedish Marque KL I promised not to miss the upcoming parties.

As usual, this time Black Circuit Lounge is invited only party. Different is this time the party was held at held at the picturesque Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses. Let's start the Johnnie Walker party stories with my photos! Keep Walking!

Here are the Nuffnang ladies. The dress code of the night is Stylish Black or Chic Gold

Warmly welcome by the JW Crews of the night: Jessica and Paul

There are tons of Johnnie Walker just for you to have tonight
You can have your own mix with the bartender's help

Stylish sexy dancing chic?

Another JW mixing centre with iPad provided the instructions

Emcee of the night : Hannah Tan and Dominic Lau

For those who arrived early will receive limited edition door gift from JW Black Label
This is how crowded inside the Palace of Golden Horses
It was really hot inside and I guess the air-conditioning cannot withstand so many hot people attended that night?

Here's my beloved lady: Wern

First it is all people enjoying the JW drinks slowly. Kinda "obedient" and you can see the happy faces. I like the lighting of this photo =D

DJ I-TEK on the floor
*Nice music blasting*

Is this the identical Punjabi dance? Or 1 Malaysia Dance?

People start dancing and enjoy themselves although some of the ladies wearing super high heels.

if I say all the Nuffnangers are good at party would you believe? =)
Spot FourFeetNine!

I dun dare to drink JW like that because I haven't receive proper training of alcohol tolerance.
*salute 2*

A random lady who waved her hair and smoking
"Randomly" spotted in my camera.
Looks a bit emo, guess what she said?

After DJ I-TEK here comes DJ Sophia Lin!

The music was blasting till hyped up the crowd. The fireworks does the magic too!

Astro hitz were doing some interview during the Johnnie Walker party

Tokyo’s DJ Bento to headline Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge
Saw the Chinese word on his Apple Mac? That's his name

The party goes on and on, Johnnie Walker Black Label comes and go as empty bottles + free flow. Party goes wild and can see people get tipsy already. Too bad I am too obedient not to drink that much.

*actually is because I am the driver lol*


here are the bloggers cum party buddies I met at JW Black Circuit Lounge 2011
Isaac, Suresh, Jun Fook his friend and Simonso

Donovan, Vernon Chan, Botakai, Zlwin Chew,Michelle Lee +++

JoshLim, Clarice, Lakshmi, Yew Han Baker, Arthur Tan and Sam Flynn

Yuki, Myhorng, Joshua and his lady, Gareth and Kimberly =)

Hmm the only three photo I took with only guy is Timothy Tiah,

Good to hear the advice from him about my blogging career. Will keep walking =)

and Hansen Lee
Wonder how he can be so discipline to go gym and maintain that body
Wonder when I will able to achieve that
*any advice? No steroid ar thank you*

Okie now photo with the ladies! Wern and Nicole @ Msxeroz

Ringo @ Cheeserland my actor partner for "Sharing Happiness with Cadbury" video

Watch the video here lol

With her attraction I guess it is easy to hit 4k view in just few days. All thanks to Jo Mama Production for turning a lousy actor (me) to someone look more experienced in the video. Will blog about this in future post. =)

Fay Hokulani the day by day getting more gorgeous lady

Kimberly Low, a lady with good personality and perfect match with Gareth.
Looks like not far soon to see them get married? huhu~

Before leaving wanna thanks the JW Ladies for giving out mineral waters. It definitely helps to clear my mind.

To save your bandwidth I have upload more photos on my Facebook Album. Check it out here:
Feel free to comment so I can improve!

Remember, Never Drink and Drive! Cheers with Johnnie Walker!
Keep Walking =)

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