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50mm GPlusMY @ Papparich Asian Heritage Row

One rainy day, all GPlusMY council member gathered up for meeting nearby Nuffnang Office. To discuss about Broga Hill trip +++ Decided to play with my cam and get as much 50mm shoot as I can.

The dessert Jen ordered in Papparich after addicted with HoneyMoon desserts

Dusty who recently like to wear hat instead of spike up his hair ;p

Suresh who dressed so formal like going for a prom night

XinXian with her Fresh noodle. Laksa it is

TianChad can has big head, big eye and big....ahem

Our president Sha @ TehTarik Drinker couldn't make it but care enough to try mobile conference. Too bad we can't hear properly what he said through the phone + ambient not quiet at all.

The sky is drizzling

End up with so many tooth fairy flying around

Here's just a random post of me snapping photo using D90 paired with 50mm f1.8 =)

Tonight rained, hope to get a good night sleep for me and everyone especially you who reading this~!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)