Ferrari & Porsche Convoy DriveAngry to Penang 1st Avenue

LinkOn late February (26th), me and JackieLoi were given chance to join the Ferrari & Porsche Zero to Hundred Convoy to Penang. managed to experience DriveAngry in one out of 15 beautiful racing cars. This trip is in conjunction with the Drive Angry Movie Screening @ 1st Avenue Penang. Thanks Nuffnang and Nusantara Edaran Filem for the invites~!

Gotta thanks Ho, my housemate for fetching me to Sg. Buloh Highway Jejantas too. Without him I would have pay so much to a Taxi Driver

Was given Drive Angry's merchandizes including the T-Shirt, hat and the glove. First time as a blogger media for sport car convoy yo! =D

The first car spotted early in the morning

Silver Porsche

They are putting sticker on all the sport car. Must make sure the sticker won't leave gum after removed from the car =)

Angry Red Ferrari

Sunshine Yellow Ferrari

Drive Angry MiniCooper

Followed with other media including Cinema Online, AFO Radio, Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM
These cars look so colourful

Red hot Ferrari makes me spotted these red ants feasting the chicken bone

The leader of the convoy team

Outside Silver inside Red

The most shining Ferrari because of the nicely polished cover + sunlights

This would be the best Ferrari I've picked among 15 others. Not knowing much about car but this one definitely caught my eye.

Our trip to Penang begin! I was sitting in one of the Porsche. [Thanks Ignatius for offering a ride =D]

In just four second can reach 100-180kmph with a Porsche =)
*Adrenaline Rush + Vroom Vroom*

We had two pit stop to pump petrol because when you are driving angry with time, petrol consume faster than you can imagine. $.$

When Princess Candle @ Puteri Lilin meet the burning sun

An inside view of the Green Porsche engine

Leaf green is one of my favourite color

Camwhore with the Sunshine Yellow Ferrari
*Look at the brightside*

Departed at 9am and reached 1st Avenue at 12.30pm. Fast enough?
Spot the cameraman from CinemaOnline doing some photoshoot *dangerous*

Didn't know there were already so many people waiting outside 1st Avenue Penang just because all the Ferrari and Porsche arriving and stop by there. *Glamor time for the driver*

Even small kids also wanna joint he crowd just to see all the gorgeous Porsche and Ferrari

A victory pose by Ignatius

Had a simple lunch @ Dome, 1st Avenue Penang

Meet up with XinXian, the Nuffie who take care of the DriveAngry movie redemption counter in TGV Cinema, 1st Avenue

This is how TGV Cinema in 1st Avenue Penang looks like. Kinda large hall inside and I am sharing couple seat with JackieLoi lol #bromance

You can always pull the handle between the seats if you feel uncomfortable of sharing seats with same gender wtf

Review of DriveAngry Movie (2011):
To be honest, the movie doesn't look nice at all because there were too much scenes being removed. At one time you saw three guys alive, suddenly all three are dead in just 1 seconds, not knowing how they died.

Funny scene would be when Nicholas Cage having sex with the lady and start killing people WHILE CONTINUING BANGING AT THE SAME TIME. I guess the only main thing of the movie is to feature the car and the sexy babe in this movie.

Met HooiNee in Penang =)

Model of the day: Veronica with the Sunshine Glow Ferrari

Veronica with her friends =) There were so many people taking the chance to take photo with these delicious looking sport cars.

Here's my another photo with the Red Hot Ferrari

Or you prefer Metallic Silver Porsche?

Sunshine Jackie wearing a crown

Fuyoh been circled around by the ladies =)
Farewell photo before we depart to different destinations

This is the most challenging part of the convoy, there are smooth stairs for all sport cars to go up. But never have a smooth platform to go down. Therefore Engineering+DIY skill needed to make sure the bottom of the car won't be scratched.

This is how close a Porsche bottom to the land

In the Porsche ride again with Ignatius

His advice to me:
Always remember to drive safe although you and your car are capable of speeding fast. Pay attention to the 2 cars in front because you might not have enough time to press the break.

There are lots of cars on the highway that will give you pass the 3rd land because the convoy team wanna drive angry and reach Penang as soon as possible. But there are some people who is not part of the convoy thinks that it is fun to stuck between the line. He won't give us pass because he wanna be part of it. Especially the specific Mercedez Benz that we encountered on the road.

Learned not to drive fast behind a lorry carry rocks/sands because with the speed of 180kmph the stone is strong enough to break the front mirror. Sorry to all the bugs who flying pass all the Driving Angry Sport Cars too. All their juices were on the mirror.

Was escorted by RELA Team to Penang Hard Rock Hotel

Direct upside view after open the Porsche's top window

Penang Moonlight Bay. Wonder how much is the market now?

So now I am just beside the beach in Penang Hard Rock Hotel. Will show you how the room looks like and how nice the beach and hotel is! Thanks again to Ignatius for the Porsche ride!

PS: Will share video of me inside the DriveAngry Porsche if you are interested =)

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On the other hand this is my second time spotted this strange logo when on the way to Pavilion. Quickly captured this photo to share with you guys! It looks biohazard but not exactly the same.
That time Redbuttockz was with me inside the car.

Then yesterday I received this weird document that consists confidential info. Not sure if it is because they saw my blog post about the first time I spotted this logo.

It looks like a leaked document from some top secret organization! What could this be? Looks more and more like FBI now =S

In the end of the document it mentioned this URL Visited the website but it written "Unauthorize Access Denied". Weird isn't it?

In the document it stated that something big is coming up on the 6th of April, and the announcement will be made on this website. Hmm... I wonder what will be showed on the website...2 more days! Could it be alien or what?

Found a piece of crumpled paper in that document and scribbled on it was Found out Kaki Misteri, the author of the blog found the same logo too! Seems like he’s been researching this mysterious symbol too and has share some news about the symbol appearing everywhere in Malaysia. Read it here.

Just now spotted the weird logo appear on 8TV too. Didn't manage to take photo cos camera wasn't with me... What could it possibly be?? Have you seen what I've seen? Especially the logos that appeared at Pavilion Street? O.o

Hope is nothing bad...


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