All-Day Flat-Belly Meal Plan

Ever wanted to open your shirt confidently?

Your weight loss efforts should begin the moment you wake. Here’s a simple menu for one day of healthful eating. Repeat as necessary:

6:30 a.m. The moment you wake up, drink a glass of skim milk. The protein will energise you, dampen your appetite and prime you for a low-glucose carbohydrate breakfast that’ll supply long-lasting energy.

7 a.m. You need to eat early in the day or you’re doomed to high-calorie, fatty binges later. Stuff down some high-fibre oatmeal. Add brown sugar for flavour or cantaloupe chunks for bulk.

10:30 a.m. Have a piece of fruit—an apple or a pear. The goal is to never get hungry.

12:30 p.m. Midday meals need to be protein-heavy to keep you mentally alert and to ward off the afternoon slump. Think fish, chicken, or beans.

4 p.m. Mid-afternoon is when your natural cravings for food hit their zenith. Any fat you eat will quickly fire up your appetite for a high-fat dinner. So eat a high-fibre mini-meal that delivers some protein. Two hundred to 400 calories well invested here can keep you from eating a thousand in the evening.

Wholewheat quesadilla with black beans is a nice dish to have, but you could try mixing raw oats and a sliced banana into a cup of plain, low-fat yogurt, or have a cup of bean soup. Dehydrated soups are great snacks you can take almost anywhere (just watch the sodium). They’re especially good for plane rides.

7 p.m. When you dine out, send back the breadbasket and start with a high-protein appetizer, such as a shrimp cocktail. Or simply skip to the main course and order some broiled fish. This will help curb your urge to pig out by taking advantage of the naturally satiating effect of protein. Once you have a taste of it, your appetite will start to wane. To finish out your main course, use meat only for flavour and fill your plate with vegetables and other high-fibre foods.

8:30 p.m. You may crave sweets after dinner. Perfectly natural, and if you ignore it, the craving will disappear. But if it’s just killing you, suck on a small piece of milk chocolate. This will satisfy your craving more than eating three pieces of cake with frosting. That’s why the chocolate-covered dinner mint is a brilliant, time-proven idea.

11 p.m. After a great day of fat-burning (you did make it to the gym, didn’t you?), don’t blow it by wolfing down a midnight snack. Honour your mom’s disciplinary tactic and go to bed hungry. This will set you up perfectly for burning fat overnight

Are you TaecYeon Wannabe to own his body?

Above eating plan is to be shared and remind myself for eating healthy. Are you having the right diet to have a flat but not bulging belly? I am looking forward to have flat and six pack abs with proper exercise too!

Do you know that rock climbing and bouldering is one good way to build your body too?

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