MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym @ Wangsa Maju Best All Round Workouts

The Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym is an indoor bouldering gym offering all-round fitness training opportunities for anyone and everyone. Among the facilities that are provided:
  • 2000+ holds installed
  • Approximately 2000 ft² of crashpadded climbing area
  • Personal climbing equipment for rent (shoes, chalkbag)
  • Preset routes for novice climbers – boulder routes, traverse routes
  • Pro shop
  • Toilet & shower facilities
  • Campus boards
  • Olympic rings
  • Water & Isotonic Drinks stall
  • Lockers (free of charge)
  • Air-conditioning

The green and black building is the MadMonkeyz zone =)

I had a visit there last weekend and was welcomed by MadMonkeyz Churn Haw

Madmonkeyz climbing gym has this special wall where you can adjust the inclination for different climbing experience. Of course the more incline the harder it would be.

Tada~ Now it became beginner wall

Churn haw taught us some precaution steps during climbing. For example, how to fall safely and never ever stand below/behind a person who is climbing. Or else you wanna "kena ToTo" having your head landed by their butt. Imagine two BIG watermelon ht on your head...

Here is me trying out the beginner wall. There are so many ways to climb this wall. You can either follow the colour or the numbered holds for different climbing level.

There are three levels here and this space are meant for the experts. The overhang wall to test your endurance. Can you spot the transparent wall where you get to see through the glass?

Aiks wonder how long has Churn Haw trained to swing easily from here to there. You see his face? Can smile some more while hanging using one hand!

Or you can be an expert like him just hanging on the wall with ease

Can you use 4 fingers only to do a pull up? It is all the efforts of training in MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym .

Here is Cheesie doing acrobatic move to tone her abs

If you are hardworking to be a mad monkey here I am sure you can get a nice torso in just one/two months. Inverted triangle's torso does makes you look good when wearing a fitting shirt.

Feel free to visit to read her climbing experience!!
That's RedButtockz who came along huhu~

If you visited MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym at Wangsa Maju. Never ever forget to climb up to this level and camwhore with the "MadMonkeyz" wall.

Picture with the incredible spiderman a.k.a. Churn haw
Spot the nice T-Shirt by

Here is me swing from one side to one side. I am the MadMonkeyz of the day! =)

Madmonkeyz do provide climbing shoes, backpack, ropes, holds and panels, harnesses, chalk bag & chalks in the house. They also have interesting apparel and fashion too.

CragDance Climbing shoes available in MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym

If you like to climb like a orangutan, remember to visit MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym located at Wangsa Maju. Bring your friends along as it will be tons more fun when together.

My climbing experience was made affordable with MilkADeal previous deal:

Isn't it tempting? Afraid not if you've missed this MilkADeal as there are more awesome deals coming up soon! Remember to improve your fitness level and well being at MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym

MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym @ Wangsa Maju

Location map for MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym Club

19-1 & 19-2, Jalan Metro Wangsa,
Section 2, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 2pm to 11pm.
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 7pm.
Facebook: MadMonkeyzClimb
Twitter: @MadMonkeyzClimb

PS: My climbing video will be only uploaded tomorrow =)

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