LG Optimus One with Android 2.2 [Phone Review]

Thanks to LG Malaysia, I've got a chance to review LG Optimus One [LG-P500], the Android 2.2 (Froyo) Smartphone. My first time to get in touch with Android, the little green robot. All I know about Android is that it is an OS developed by Google and OHA. In just less than 3 years, Android has been developed so much till there more than 105,000 apps available on Android Market.

I believe when I am writing this post the number has been increased dramatically =)

LG Optimus One has sleek design where it curved at the side. The soft touch coating is warm to the touch and does not mark. So you don't need to keep wiping the phone because of thumbprints.

There is a microSD Card slot (2GB microSD given) where you can install all the apps and keep your music/video. It can support up to 32GB microSD.

The 1500mAh battery provides longer function hours even when your phone is using 3G Data Plan. Or you can switch it to EDGE to save the power and for longer usage =)

What is new about Android 2.2?
Tethering and WiFi Hotspot is available starting from now =) Now it can be used as a tethering broadband modem. Good to everyone who use laptop and no need to purchase another broadband dongle.

The Wifi Hotspot function will allow (max 5) users to access the internet by sharing the LG Optimus One's broadband connection through a small WiFi network.

Sharing is caring =)

This is the homepage/main screen of LG Optimus One. Spot the green robot.

The Built-in 512MB RAM allow LG Optimus one to have better performance and multitasking. I have been open TweetDeck, Foursquare, Browsers without lag =)

With Android 2.2 you can set the number of screens. Five or Seven? Depends on how many category you want to put~

Feel glad that they have their own Facebook Application =)

Twitter too! The twitter bird will flying in the sky one ;p

Well, I get the apps that combine this two. Tweetdeck for Android phone~! I like it on LG Optimus One because once got new updates it will notify me with a small icon on top. You can add your FourSquare and Google Buzz account too. All in one =)

This is a screenshot of surfing a website. Since LG Optimus One screen can multi-touch. It is a lot easier to enlarge the screen now =)

I have use LG Optimus One to play Youtube Video and I would say the quality is nice! Can HQ also =) Probably because it is using vivid and clear 3.2 HGVA LCD Screen? Or it is because the 30fps smooth media playback?

Here are some photos taken using LG Optimus One P500:
Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500

Photos taken using LG Optimus One P500
This is my favourite photo, the "Shy Nemo"

Why choose LG Optimus One?
Well, with an affordable price I would get this smartphone because it can full-fill what I need on the social media features. I can Tweet, Facebook, Check email, Foursquare and lots more thing by just using it. I heard that market price for this phone will be very competitive when compared with other smartphone =)

What is LG Optimus One's Specification?
Visit here for detailed table.

Where to download LG PC Suite IV?
Here is the link: http://uk.lgairsync.com/sp.InitNoUserSupportUseLinkAir.tws

LG Optimus One is a good enough smartphone with its embedded Android 2.2 OS. Not only it is better with more apps, it can perform well while multitasking too. Some more since apps can be updated automatically with just one button, I can just download as much apps as I can~! =D

Will update more about LG Optimus One when I found more interesting thing/apps to share =D Time to play Angry Bird on it!

If you have any question/functions about LG Optimus One that I can test out for you. Comment at below =)

LG Optimus One retail price will be RM 899 in Malaysia. This month (December) is available with Celcom program, but starting tomorrow (24 Dec 2010) you can get it from selected LG Mobile store. The LG Phone will be available to all dealer starting 2 Jan 2011. If you are interested, you can drop by the nearest LG Mobile Store to buy/test its features.

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  1. How is the quality of picture, shooting by this LG Optimus One? 3 megapixel is actually quite low compare to other smartphone

  2. [Anonymous]
    As for the camera I would say you understand what a 3 MP camera is capable of right? but I would say it can function properly in Macro mode/scenery and good enough for twittpict sharing~


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