AFF Suzuki Cup Malaysia vs Indonesia 3-0. Who cheated?

UPDATE: Malaysia have claimed the mantle of AFF Suzuki Cup champions after beating Indonesia 4-2 on aggregate in the final.

Malaysia led 3-0 from the first leg which had been held on Sunday, December 26 and although they lost 2-1 in the second leg in Indonesia on Wednesday - they ran out 4-2 winners.

It is a huge turnaround from the 5-1 group thrashing K Rajagobal's men were handed out by their neighbours.

Best and good news is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak declared Friday (Dec 31) a public holiday. Holiday on New Year Eve and my birthday, good or not? Haha!


Twitter is trending #2010memories for people who wanna share the unforgettable moments with their tweeples. #iprefer keep the memories in pictures and share it on blog accompany with words.

Well, 26 Dec 2010 is the day of Malaysia vs Indonesia (3-0) in AFF Suzuki Cup. After the match there are these hash tags trending on the Twitter Sphere:

"Hate Malaysia"

First of all, thanks to a brace from Safee Sali and a strike from Ashari Samsuddin condemned the Riedl's charges to a damaging defeat at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Indonesia coach Alfred Riedl has plenty to occupy his mind before the second leg after his team hit the self-destruct button when play resumed after a six-minute delay to allow organisers to deal with the issue of lasers being pointed in the eyes of some Indonesian players.

"Riedl also did not buy the argument that laser pointers shone at his players and goalkeeper Markus Harison distracted them as they conceded the goals soon after the match restarted due to a six minute stoppage to address the problem." Referred from

Hot-blooded young Indonesian football fans are tweeting their misplaced disappointment after the loss of their team to Malaysia in the first leg of 2010 AFF final match.

This is what I imagined, the situation where both countries coaches were talking about through one of the video shared on Youtube.

#MalaysiaLaserCheat Comic 1

#MalaysiaLaserCheat Comic 2
Of course first act will be a guy ask the other guy to stop.

#MalaysiaLaserCheat Comic 3
This is one of the reason #iheartMalaysia
*I just being random cause his mouth covered*

Well, I will say something simple, yes complain and flaming on Twitter is able to get attention from the public (and even the world) . However without a proper solution it is useless to just nag about that issue. Instead of complaining, look for a solution. Start the action.

Even though it took longer time to do security check on every audience for the laser lights device. This could be one of the way to control /stop smilar incident to happen again.

Indonesian goalkeepers, Markus Horison, is one of the poor victim BUT not the only one being shone with laser beams.

Regardless of Malaysian/Indonesian, to whom ever played with the laser beam and shone on the players, shame on you! I totally agree that this is not the correct way to make your country proud. Be a responsible citizen!

If you have latest news about who is using the laser light/beam, feel free to share it here.

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  1. In the group stages, our Malaysian GK is shone the laser light on his face. So? We din't make a big deal out of it.

  2. Different people different thinking? Thanks for voice it up =)

  3. If they think they are good enough, why cant they score any goal through out the game? laser beams is just their excuses -_-"

  4. Well, usually that happen when a person can't get something, by blaming other to make self feel better? But I can see their coach didn't think this way. =)


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