SONY New Digital Imaging Lineup @ Pullman Putrajaya

Long long time ago(I guess I will use this often due to too many due post~), 2nd September 2010 at Pullman Putrajaya, Sony Malaysia expanded its range of digital imaging products today by announcing a total of 12 new additions including two Alpha cameras, the Alpha 55 (SLT-A55V) and Alpha33 (SLT-A33) which are the world's first interchangeable lens digital cameras to incorporate Translucent Mirror Technology; the world's first HD camcorder with an interchangeable lens system (NEX-VG10); four new Cyber-Shot cameras which include the stylish T Series (DSC-TX9, T99, T99D) and the power-packed W Series (DSC-WX5), as well as five new Digital Photo Frames - the S-Frame models include DPF-XR1000, D830, D1020, D720 and D720/BQ.

Pictures from some of these new released cameras will be at the bottom of the post.

The event start at 3PM, when the sun is still "blardy" hot

Great view of Putrajaya Lakeside (color was adjust to a bit blue)

The real color of the day, where you can see bride and groom taking picture under the hot sun. Er....Won't the makeup melt? Hope they had a nice sunset wedding shoot.

There were water sport performance on the lake for us to try out all the Sony Cameras (except HD Camcorder). I am impressed with Sony because we were given 2 memory cards (8GB memory stick and 8GB SD Card) to store our photos.

PS: If you didn't get it means you arrive a bit late la =)

The inside of Sony Alpha 55 (SLT-A55V)

The look through view of A55

Noticed Sony VIP most are Japanese. Can say his beg looks trendy.

My photography motto, "Capture precious Moment"
He does look a bit emo at that time, maybe Home Sick? =)

One of the pretty Sony models

There was dance performance

While the ladies standing besides

Thank you two "leng lui" @ pretty girls look at my camera =D
Eye contact FTW~!

A group photo of Sony VIP along with new release range of products
Mr. Naoi Sudo

These are special edition models Cyber-shot T99D with special designer body in Gold or Brown encrusted with SWAVOSKI elements for that special sparkle and unique look.

I guess the ladies would love this with the blings-blings.

Thanks him to help me and YuenYee take panorama pict.

Here it is =D Awesome thing that even my DSLR can't do.

We go to print out some photos too, sponsored by Noritsu

Sunset is coming, means time to take more photos!

Sun flare. Is that a house for someone?

Picture taken with Nicholas Chay and YuenYee before they need to leave.
And left myself alone huhu. I didn't know I am the only blogger from NN that came.

Do you understand the feel when I was there? It is really hard to describe. Sometimes I wish things could be easier and more simple =) There are some good bloggers in both side and I hope it doesn't affect we all be friends.

K la i will stop the emo thing, more sunset shoot at Putrajaya.

Dinner was being prepared

Nice food and ambience awaiting us. Thanks to Sony

Took the chance to take some night scenery shot. Slow shutter to make the water smooth and buildings to look brighter.

It is so colourful isn't it? =)

Another shot~

Took picture of the clock tower at 3PM and 8PM. Now i remember when I left.


Feel kinda different to look through the window of Alpha33/Alpha 55 because the picture show in digital screen instead of what I usually see. That's the Translucent Mirror Technology.

More details from this video:

The Panorama shot from Alpha 33.Can zoom in to see the people inside the hall if I upload full size.
*Click here for larger view*

Alpha 55: Focal length at 70mm

Alpha 55: Focal length at 280mm
Quite clear if you ask me

Another Panorama shoot using Alpha 33
*Click here to enlarge*

The body of Alpha 33/55 is quite light. Therefore it is good for people who wanna camwhore using it. I guess even equipped with flash also still not that heavy. Since the new Sony Alpha 55/33 using the Translucent Mirror Technology which always display the Digital screen, I am not sure if it consume the battery faster too.

I quite like the panorama picture that comes out from both the compact camera and Alpha 33/55. Not to forget the ability to capture 3D panoramic view with the new range of Cyber-shot cameras.

That's all for this event. Thanks Nuffnang and Sony for the invite to this event cos I can explore many Sony cameras in one row. Know new technologies imply in the new camera too =) And yeah, let me practice some nice sunset and night scenery shot~

For more info, visit You can read Bryan's verdict about Alpha 33 and Alpha55 too.

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  1. Good! nice review TC.. ops! Yuen yee also there ar.. *wink* =D


  2. enjoyed your photos! delightfully awesome! SONY is always good for their photography products :)

  3. yes i feel you... not to worry, we can all still hanging out together right? it's just some people that are very fussy about rival companies n stuff. see you soon, tianchad! =)

  4. [Shahrul]
    Personally feels that it is more like event review =)

    thanks for the comment =) I like their design better

    That's the unavoidable competition btw two parties. I will adjust it whenever I can. See u again too

  5. I know what u feel. Nowadays a lot people start to brandcist. Some of the blogger not.

    Dont worry, next time if I attend, u wont be lonely XP

  6. [Marsboy]
    Thanks =)

    We still can hang out makan what =)

  7. Next time should ajak me sekali la! Deal? haha

  8. [Joshua@law]
    Good =) Hope more invites given next time~

  9. [Joshua@law]
    Good =) Hope more invites given next time~


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