The Social Network Movie Review

Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), a familiar name for everyone who active in Facebook. After watch the movie, I am impressed with his intelligence in creating something new and paying attention to the surrounding. He will only focus on what is important.

However, in this movie it shows that he is a bit too clever and always talk 2 different things at same time. He need a girlfriend who is as smart as him to counter back right? Between Erica Albright (Rooney Mara), Mark's girlfriend has been featured in this movie too.

Erika was cyberspace humiliated by Mark's blog and it can cause a big damage especially hurt someone's feeling.

An advice to all bloggers: Never ever blog while you feel angry, frustrated. You might regret what you wrote on the blog/internet especially after the effect of alcohols went off.

The moment when the big + tall + good looking twins found out their idea has been stolen and Facebook has become bigger and wider. As long you are not using their software coding, you re still considered not pirating the thing. (Am I right?)

That's how OpenOffice born for free, which looks so similar as Microsoft Office~

I find it quite funny that the twins don't wanna sue Mark because they are Harvard's student AND Gentlemen. It seems like not that good to be that highly educated ha? ;p

Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), co founded Napster. In the movie he is a kinda naughty/bad guy and involve with drug problem. However, he is smart in certain way that make Facebook have more funds to enlarge their network and find new huge investor.

I would say Sean has a big dream with stronger network but not sure if drugs case ruined his life.

Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield), the best friend of Mark and co founded Facebook. A business guy who trying hard to get advertising on but the efforts still can't compete with Sean's huge investment deal.

Can feel the betrayal of a friend in this movie especially at the scene of Eduardo's share diluted till 0.03% left. Sometimes the trust between friends was misused and cause this happen. That's why it is hard to have real good friends in life.

But if you found a friend who can be trusted+depends on, keep it and treasure it as much as you can because he/she is the one that support you most.

Over all rating for The Social Network: 8.5/10

I would like to watch it few more times (if I am free =S) to understand more about the movie. I personally think they are talking quite fast at certain scene.


Met up with a few bloggers because we are watching Social Network ;p
[LiKee, Shannon Chow, JayRen, JackieLoi and YoongJun]

Jen (@Atreyustrange), Aimar,Nicole (@Msxeroz), me, Ruby(@RabiatulAdawiyah), Wern (@Redbuttockz)
There is a reason why Nicole cover her face. Huhu ~

KenWooi was there too =) Yeah he is in KL town now!!

Took some picture yesterday however found out my SD card corrupted and only able to safe these few pictures T.t

LCD monitor also "died" today. Luckily here have a CRT Monitor as backup. Which means Nov is the month I would need to spend extra because of external accident. Hmm, which brand's monitor is good and affordable ar? Any Suggestion?


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