Lim Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Lot 10 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会

Lim Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Rootz Lot 10 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会

Invited by Sony Music Malaysia to attend Yu Chun's Music Showcase at Rootz Club. The day Shout! Awards is going on too. That explain why not much people attend for this music showcase =)

I guess blue drinks were served because YES sponsoring this event besides My FM and Sony Music?

Jason from My FM was the emcee. He is as fair as a vampire.

After waiting for so long, at last Taiwan Version's Susan Boyle 台版蘇珊大嬸 - Yu Chun appear on stage and direct sing a few songs

Lim Yu Chun - 未来的第一站 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会

LimYuChun - I Will Always Love You 【未来的第一站】音乐会

The moment YuChun drink water with pout mouth

Three lucky fans were picked to sing a song and Yu Chun 育羣 shouted for that guy when he reaching high pitch =)

A group photo with the lucky fans
Congratz to all 3 lucky fans who won Yu Chun 育羣's album~

Not sure if it is hot on stage, Yu Chun need his handkerchief to wipe the dripping sweats.

He drinked a lot water too. Maybe nervous? =)

Picture taken during the end of the song

It is true that when he smile I can see his eyes. So most photos can only see his tiny little eyes

People were queuing for album's signature. And only allowed to sign on the CD cover. It somehow encourage YuChun's fans to get another CD as the signature might goes off easily.

Or is there any better reason for it?

While waiting me and SimonSeow did a camwhore with the blue spotlight.
Even the two pictures behind us feel scared ;p

I find a better lighting to have pict with SimonSeow + Patrick Liew
*YuChun was signing album for his fans =)*

Hope Yu Chun can do better with his music and success in his Chinese + English album!
【未来的第一站】 + [It's My Time]

TC Photo stories:
Went to the Gent's toilet while leaving the Rootz Club. Look huge right?

But got this person in the portrait that will somehow stare at you. I think this is a good way to remind + scare drunk people to flush?

Simon Seow's version Lim Yu chun album cover

Bukit Bintang Street view from Lot 10. While we waiting for the slow escalator

Went to have dinner @ 十号胡同 heritage Food Village
Stated open from until 10PM but a lot store sold out while it was only 8pm++

Can see Yes invest a lot in their launch but why I saw lots of negative feedback on Twitter + blog? Personally think after service is as important as promo+launch.

Uniqlo @ Farenheit88 is receiving overwhelming response and was forced to close earlier to provide better service to everyone. Hope to see more available shirts display soon.

Video of YuChun singing will be uploaded soon. So come back again for it kay? =) Again, thanks Sony Music Malaysia for the invite.

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  1. Bro this guy who sang Whitney pun lagu kan?

  2. Yeah, he sang "I Will Always Love you" Video included in this blogpost =D

  3. Yeah, he sang "I Will Always Love you" Video included in this blogpost =D


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