Glitz Show @ Genting Highlands Pavilion with MSS Bloggers

GLITZ SHOW @ The Pavilion Genting First World Plaza

The much awaited, brand new resident show at Resorts World Genting is finally here: GLITZ! An hour-long extravaganza bringing together internationally acclaimed performers in an East-meets-West concept, get ready to be dazzled by an enchanting and fabulous journey of wonder - guaranteed to be an amazing and unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Among the main acts featured will be the renowned magician, illusionist and escape artist - Charles Bach. With his extensive theatrical training, he will captivate you with amazing feats of illusion and deft sleight-of-hand. Next, we have the PuYang HuaChen Acrobatic Group - whose agility and dexterity is backed up with over 3000 years of tradition. Their skilled display of gravity-defying tricks will leave you on the edge of your seat. Last but not least, we have the brilliant and beautiful Daria Pushankina - mistress of sand art. Though young, her sheer talent in sand animation has won her accolades the world over. A truly unique form of story-telling that is sure to leave an impression!

First of all, wanna thanks Resorts World Genting for inviting us My Selangor Story (#MSS) Bloggers and some lucky Facebook Fans to Genting to watch Glitz Show. Transport were arranged and I am glad that we don't need to drive uphill =D

If you are interested about what is "My Selangor Story", read this post of us bloggers while on Genting MSS Trip!

Due to unforeseen circumstances (heavy rain + traffic jam), me and few friends were late and I apologize for that. As a result, all of us only have 40 minutes to spend inside the Coffee Terrace buffet.

Pictures taken during nom nom times out
[Mohd Zaid, Kak Zara, Victor lee, Joshua Law, Dylan Phuah, Feeq]

[Denise Phang, Nicole Chua, me, PuehTian, WenYi and Amelia]

Denise was surprised with the hot wasabi and

Because photography is not allowed inside the hall, I can only describe Glitz Show:

Charles Bach - The magician who play illusions with light bulbs and bubbles. There are some magic scene that I haven't figure out yet. I was somehow become one of the helper to tie him up with the "orang gila" shirt and he manage to get out from it. Bravo!

*I didn't tie him that tight but the other audience which is his helper too tied him harder.*

PuYang HuaChen Acrobatic Group - Was impressed with their talent especially one of the little girl among the group. Their leg is almost capable as their hand when do some certain scene. Even a small kid was being rolling on the feet also. Suspense for sure. I like the drum rolling on their feet and WenYi said the drums looks like Marshmallow. She was hungry I guess ;p

And when WenYi saw the small aerobic kid open her legs wide for many times, WenYi keep "ouch" and cover her eye. *laugh*

Daria Pushankina - the 1st sand artist from Ukraine. She can draw Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, and featuring Michael Jackson in her show. Need imagination to see what she's gonna draw because the full picture only appear in the end.

The 12 Pretty Dancers with Two Men - The most enjoyable scene would be all 12 girls dance with the chairs. Somemore dance with high heels! O.o

Those two guy are lucky with them for sure =)

I switched on my camera just after the show finished! And they are already posing for my camera! =D

Lucky us manage to get Charles Bach to take group photo with us. Thanks Amelia for invte him ;p Thanks Feeq for taking photo for us too.

Visited Starbuck with the available half hour left.

Their merchandises are nice but expensive for sure. Wait, their coffee not cheap also...~

We need to cross this Lover Bridge before can go to Starbuck

A quick shot of Dylan while he was shooting something

"O Sole Mio" on Gondola

I wonder how frequent Genting will clear the river with thousands coins in it. I volunteer to be your cleaner! If you want to make your wish come true, throw coins while you are standing on the Lover Bridge!

Saw this Seahorse? I have seen and hold the real living seahorse during Save Our Seahorse [SOS] trip~ Wonder why his eye open wide?

Cos seahorse was staring at this mermaid without wearing a bra. I don't know if she got wear seashells in front la lol

Another group photo shoot before we took the bus downhills. Thanks Resorts world Genting especially Denise, Amelia who taking care of us during this trip!

For more info about Glitz Show, do check out Resorts World Genting Entertainment Page! If you wanna win some goodies from Genting, join Resorts World Genting Facebook page now!

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  1. So did u make your wish then?
    Huhu the seahorsey looks funny :D

  2. [RedButtockz]
    I make my wish everyday. =)
    Glad u like it haha~

  3. so nice you all get to go genting..
    i wanna go too! :D

  4. [xeroz]
    Ah you say one ar ;p

    Join their FB Page for contest then =) More contest coming up for year end + new year!

    Thanks for take the group photo ya =)

  5. recently just listen to FM98.8 ...
    they did mention about this show ...

    sounds nice la ....

    planning to go ady, but need to pass my PEAK SEASON first..(>.<)

  6. [Matthew Gan]
    Hope ur peak season pass soon then =)
    The show will on until April so no worries

  7. [xeroz]
    Ah you say one ar ;p

    Join their FB Page for contest then =) More contest coming up for year end + new year!

    Thanks for take the group photo ya =)


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