New Experience with Volkswagen [Short Post]

If you are following my Twitter, I am sure you already know that I was away for this trip. [Thanks to Nuffnang] Just arrived home this evening and I can say that it gave me a grand new experience.

"Volkswagen. Das Auto - The TSI and DSG experience"

Was given the opportunity to test drive all three VW cars including Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf, and Volkswagen Scirocco. Three different cars that let you have different kind of driving experience. Wanna know which one is my favourite?

Woke up as early as 5.30AM this morning just because I wanna see the sun rise at Terengganu beach. Strong wills help me did it and the downside is I will need to write shorter post today because tired and lack of sleep.

Hope you like the photo above as I have more to share with you all! Ah before I forget, do you mind comment at below few blogpost + vote for me? Currently still running in My Selangor Story blogging contest and your comments + votes are counted as part of the total marks =)

Day 1 : Firefly, iCity & Uptown Shah Alam [Vote Here]
Day 2a: Royal Selangor Knock Knock [Vote Here]
Day 2b: Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show [Vote Here]
Day 3 : ChinSweeTemple + KanChing Waterfall + Fireflies [Vote Here]
Day 4 : Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay + Sunway Pyramid [Vote Here]
Day 5a: Happy Tropicana Medical Centre [Vote Here]
Day 5b: Bungy @ Sunway Lagoon, Galore @ Haven [Vote Here]
Day 6 : Time to say Goodbye [Vote Here]

Thanks for the support! T.t

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Here is one Chinese quote that I want to share today: "河蚌相争,渔翁得利"
I admit that I am kinda naive when doing certain things but wouldn't it be great to give a second chance for the first timer? Again, I am naive.


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