KitsChen or TianChadChen?

Kitschen Model @ Sunway Pyramid

Today 10.10.10, didn't manage to wake up early for the HooHa Fun Run. Was at the Open Day of Gorgeous Fitness @ Bandar Puteri, then went to MABA (Stadium Bola Keranjang Malaysia) to watch KL Dragons play. Reach home, process SA SA event's pictures. Eye tired, body and soul also tired like *heaven*. It is time to take a break for today.

I find people hard to remember my name "TianChad" [yes I was born with a very unique name lol], so people will just call me Tian, TC, or something that they can remember better "田七" the Chinese Herbs. Ah, if I name my self "Kit" then I can become Kitchen / KitsChen.

So, how would you pronounce my name? Tian"Chat" or Tian"Chut"?. Sorry for making you read this random post.

Can vote for all my "My Selangor Story" post ar? Just click 5 loves only, no need register one =)

Day 1 : Firefly, iCity & Uptown Shah Alam
Day 2a: Royal Selangor Knock Knock

Day 2b: Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show
Day 3 : ChinSweeTemple + kanChing Waterfall + Fireflies
Day 4 : Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay + Sunway Pyramid
Day 5a: Happy Tropicana Medical Centre
Day 5b: Bungy @ Sunway Lagoon, Galore @ Haven
Day 6 : Time to say Goodbye

Thanks bunch! I guess I should shut my eye earlier tonight!

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  1. I like your name and find it pretty easy to remember...and I'm not even Chinese haha.

    I think you should stick with your original name.

    It might be because Chad is a fairly common name in the Western World and Tian is not too hard to pronounce.

    Those ones that kill me are like Ng.

  2. [ShaolinTiger]
    Haha thanks for the suggestion Gareth =)

    Ok la TC is always better than tipsy =)

  3. What name do ppl call u in the western world? I allow ppl in uni to call my first word to make their life easier.

  4. [Biopolymath]
    Hmm Any part of my name? ;p
    Chen?Tian? or Chad? I think "Chad" is the easiest to remember for western people.


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