KitsChen or TianChadChen?

Kitschen Model @ Sunway Pyramid

Today 10.10.10, didn't manage to wake up early for the HooHa Fun Run. Was at the Open Day of Gorgeous Fitness @ Bandar Puteri, then went to MABA (Stadium Bola Keranjang Malaysia) to watch KL Dragons play. Reach home, process SA SA event's pictures. Eye tired, body and soul also tired like *heaven*. It is time to take a break for today.

I find people hard to remember my name "TianChad" [yes I was born with a very unique name lol], so people will just call me Tian, TC, or something that they can remember better "田七" the Chinese Herbs. Ah, if I name my self "Kit" then I can become Kitchen / KitsChen.

So, how would you pronounce my name? Tian"Chat" or Tian"Chut"?. Sorry for making you read this random post.

Can vote for all my "My Selangor Story" post ar? Just click 5 loves only, no need register one =)

Day 1 : Firefly, iCity & Uptown Shah Alam
Day 2a: Royal Selangor Knock Knock

Day 2b: Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show
Day 3 : ChinSweeTemple + kanChing Waterfall + Fireflies
Day 4 : Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay + Sunway Pyramid
Day 5a: Happy Tropicana Medical Centre
Day 5b: Bungy @ Sunway Lagoon, Galore @ Haven
Day 6 : Time to say Goodbye

Thanks bunch! I guess I should shut my eye earlier tonight!

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ShaolinTiger said…
I like your name and find it pretty easy to remember...and I'm not even Chinese haha.

I think you should stick with your original name.

It might be because Chad is a fairly common name in the Western World and Tian is not too hard to pronounce.

Those ones that kill me are like Ng.
RK said…
Just call "TC" will do ler ! ;-)
TianChad田七 said…
Haha thanks for the suggestion Gareth =)

Ok la TC is always better than tipsy =)
Biopolymath said…
What name do ppl call u in the western world? I allow ppl in uni to call my first word to make their life easier.
TianChad田七 said…
Hmm Any part of my name? ;p
Chen?Tian? or Chad? I think "Chad" is the easiest to remember for western people.

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