P1 Wimax 4G Superheros Revealed Before 221010!

Wondering what will happen on 221010 about P1 W1max's Superheros? TianChad.com is here to reveal the news first before the days come. Because I just acquired the Teleport ability from Hiro Nakamura and went back to the future!

Introducing Super Broadband Kid Campaign - "Getting Stronger, Wider and Faster by the Day". The kiddos getting stronger with the legendary sword, wider with the magical wand, and faster with the F1 Race Car.

Mr. M. Idham Nawawi, the COO of P1 is there to share with us what is the new campaign about.

Do you still remember the Potong Campaign by P1? They manage to grab back 2010 EFFI Gold Award Malaysia. Congratz =)

The reason why kiddo appear in this campaign because they are same age as P1. Two years old plus plus. That's why they are still learning to do better day by day including spelling better with Stwonger, Evewy Where, Welly Welly Fast.

Do you noticed they strengthen the alphabet "W"? Personally feels that it stand for Wimax.

According to Mr. Idham, P1 W1max is now getting stronger with 2 year+ field knowledge, 200,000++ subscribers, Knowledge sharing with SK Telecom, better customer service through Twitter and Online Chat, and lower churn rate.

I myself did experience the fast customer feedback before, I tweeted about my P1 Wiggy is not functioning on my desktop, then it was retweeted again by Mr. Idham to @P1Cares and very fast there is one guy contact me through phone. I was wonder if it is because of boss's action that make it faster ;p

P1 W1max is getting better with their wider Coverage. For now 10 states (around 9 million population) has been covered and Mr. Idham said that earliest for P1 to able to cover my hometown, Melaka is in November. [Let see if it happen ;p]

P1 W1max also getting faster with 130Mbps aggregated per site. Have a statistic saying that the average monthly internet usage is 10GB/user.

I am sure some people who are using P1 feel super-duper frustrated because they are either at the edge of coverage or in a congested internet service area because there are too many P1 users at that specific area. Therefore, to ease this issue P1 has made their hard decision to stop selling their service to new customer at certain places and on the other hand upgrading the capacity to ease the congested area.

P1 noted that people nowadays like to surf the internet at home AND also On-The-Go. Therefore, a new P1 Wimax package was born to release to the market.

P1 4G Super Broadband Package:
First in Malaysia with "Super Quota" that allows a customer's existing monthly usage quota to be shared with P1's Add-On Services for a minimal monthly fee of RM20.

The Add-On plans are unique service plans designed for P1's existing and new Home users to get hgh-speed yet affordable on-the-go broadband. The Standard Add-On plan comes with a broadband for the Home and broadband on-the-go with the Home package including all-in-one data, voice and WiFi connectivity.

Packages for new subscribers who want to take advantages of the 'Super Quota' start from as low as RM69 per month for 5GB per month.

P1 also announced P1 Wimax's new service name. Previously was P1 W1MAX, will now become P1 4G.

Which means there will be a new Twitter handle named @P14G *not PG13 ar*

It will be great and easier for people who want to type the name P1 4G instead of P1W1Max. Let see how the new Super Broadband package and campaign works in future days kay?

After the presentation we went to Green Packet Rooftop for dinner. This place really reminded me of ruumz's Most Wanted Ruumates contest.

Not to forget I met Jennifer@CheauLin and Amelia through ruumz.com =)

Other bloggers that were there as well. Anak Perak, Jai, and Zaid

We were given some masks and that somehow transform them into superheroes~! Can you identify them one by one? Haha!

"Don't play-play!"

The heroes are Thomas Yap, CK, Veronica, Cynthia, and SaiMatKong~!
If P1 boss is reading this, make sure give some extra incentive for both Veronica and Cynthia ;p
They are advertising hard for you~!

As for me, the identity shall not be revealed with a butterfly mask lol

gif animator

New born hero is here! Coming out from the lift! Thomas the Guy!

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