MSS Day 5: Extreme Bungy Jump @ Sunway Lagoon & Haven [Look Out Point]

[Attention] This is going to be another long post as I have too many thing to share on the same day! Please do spend a few minutes of your time to read this post kay?

After finish visit Tropicana Medical Centre and have lunch at FRAMES. I am all ready to get myself wet at Sunway Lagoon~! Sunway Lagoon is separated into 3 major themed lands, each boasting their own exciting attractions. Find entertainment, adventure and excitement all in place.

This is the Sunway Lagoon Mascot with the pretty bloggers

First we visit The Lost City of Gold for the roller coaster ride~! Here are the bloggers that dare to take a ride ;p S0me of the pictures in this blog post are taken using Pentax Optio WS80. [Check out some other photos with this watermark ya]

Bye bye people we are going to get lost in the city of gold~!
*Stay tune for my video recorded on the roller coaster~!*

Then we went to the Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon. Was fascinated by the 3D section where you need to wear the 3D glasses for more spooky effects. Yes I was scared by the ghost human that dressed so well.

Ah I still remember Citra Rahman suddenly run because got ghost chasing behind. Then Alid Abdul is naughty enough to join the fun scaring other people. Haha!

Here comes the 360 Degree Pirate Ship~! 5 of the brave fella joining the fun~!

*Awesome picture snap by one of the blogger waiting for us =)*

Because of the small and compact camera PENTAX Optio WS80, I was able to bring it along and record video. Even managed to interview the Australian sitting besides too!

BUT!! I accidentally pressed the wrong button while recording... and everything I did was gone~! That's the reason why I was hit badly by Wen Yi ... T.t

It would be great if I manage to record it because you would see us hang on the sky inverted with WenYi's hair floating in the air.

All of us had fun and survived but I don't know why Alid have that face expression ;p

Then we head for water sports and you can see some people are scared and some people are enjoying it very well~! Please focus on Nicole, Husni and Alid priceless face expression~!

Congratz Nicole who did it for the first place lol

Unfortunately I wasn't told to sit properly when doing the above ride and I can feel my tail bone /butt hit on the floor badly... Ouch! And yeah I still can feel the hurts now...

gif animator

The 360 Degree Tomahawk! Only total 7 of the bloggers doing this ride =D
*I recorded a video again on this ride hoho*

Here is the video that was compiled by Nicole along with some videos that I've recorded using PENTAX Optio WS80. Decided to use this camera instead of my bulky DSLR because the challenge @ Sunway Lagoon are much more extreme than Genting Highland!

You can watch my Roller Coaster video recorded using DSLR at Genting Themepark too! Apologies if you heard I keep laughing doing all the rides~ XD

Extreme Park

After all the rides, we decided to visit the Extreme Park by crossing the long bridge.

Here is the view of Sunway Lagoon from the bridge~

And the other side of view give this panorama picts by Pentax Option WS80

At first we thought Bungy Jump was included in the All Park Passes but no. So if you wanna do a jump you gotta pay RM100 for it. However Malaysia got the special privilege of 50% discount. Since I got bring my wallet and cover charge of theme park has been paid, so why not I pay another RM50 to try this jump~?

However it is not a good news for bloggers who come from Indonesia/Singapore as RM100 for a jump is kinda expensive without the discount. =S

This Bungy Jump attraction was built by AJ Hackett, the providers of gravity defying activities and other fellow Bungy crews =)

You can choose to play safe(without touching the water) or extreme a bit (touching the water). I choose the latter one and ends up my head "sliding" through the water. Too bad didn't get to catch a fish.

So I survived! Wanna know what made me brave enough to do the jump? One tips for you, don't imagine you are jumping down from a high although the Bungy Crew has already countdown 5,4,3,2,1. Just do it, just jump~!

Here is a video of me doing the bungy jump~! Must watch cos you can hear Thristhan laughed so loud "Hahaha!" and my head sliding on the water. Appreciate to Nicole, Denise Phang, Jing Yi who recorded the video for me! I wish I can have some magic whitening product to recover your tanned skin =S

Due to the adrenaline rush from the jump, my extreme journey never ends there as me and Thristhan went for the G-Force "space shot"~!

Just watch this video to know how we feels =D RM30 for this ride with 50% discount for Malaysian and extra RM20 for this recorded video.

You can actually get both Bungy Jump and G-Force at RM75 instead of RM80 if buy the tickets together.

Some of the bloggers took the ride for this power-packed All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). According to Dian's experience, the working crews didn't actually brief them properly before taking the ride. Ends up somebody was hurt.

Why is she closing her ears?

Because we are shooting! That's her dad besides me

That's my experience that I had @ Sunway Lagoon. If you are interested, click here to check out the Theme park rates or you can purchase the ticket online too. =)


After took a shower, we are all ready to go to Haven Restaurant @ Look out Point to have big "nom-nom". However the bus driver took the wrong road and we ends up in traffic jam.

With the "look at the brightside" spirit, I didn't feel frustrated because that's when I practice bokeh photoshooting, those are actually lights from the cars and lamp post. Poor Amelia keep worrying about us being late...Sometimes he/she (esp our bus driver) should listen to what other people said because they are giving you advice on how to avoid the jam~

I don't know who arranged this but it could be our superwoman Amelia that did it =)
We were fetched by the vans to go up hills *appreciate*

Had a warm welcome and everyone leaving their details on the Guest list

For your information, Haven Restaurant is the official restaurant sponsor of My Selangor Story =)

That explain why we can have awesome foods there~!

Huge LobsterS served as our appetizer~! Galore max! It was finished quit quickly but Haven is generous enough to prepare more lobsters for us =)

Here is Mr. Anantharaj Appanan, Managing Partner of Haven Restaurant giving a welcome speech.

I ordered the Grilled Norwegian Salmon as I like to eat fish. The yellow lemon butter sauce is the special sauce that add on extra taste on it.

Lot's of bloggers ordered this BIG plate of Haven's Special BBQ Beef Back Ribs. It is really this big as you seen in photo!

Did Alid finish the whole portion? ;p

Yes, but with Citra's help of course haha

There are special performance by Razlan Saharudin from One Night Show.
Coldplay's style but with his own unique singing.
*Will upload a video when time allow*

If you climb a few stairs you can find there is a Look Out Point Restaurant there. With blue shining lights

Haven Restaurant @ Look Out Point is a place where you can see beautiful night views of KL City (Including KLCC Twin Tower and KL Tower). It is definitely a place for couples & lovers to hang out too.

Some of the bloggers start taking group photo along with the night views. It was kinda misty that night after rain, therefore we didn't manage to get a nice night scenery but with great company~!

Thanks CASAHANA for giving us the moon cakes too~

Some of the bloggers especially bloggers from Indonesia is flying back at 5AM, that means they only have few hours left to enjoy the place. This is Citra who loves the place so much enjoy the last few minutes looking at the KL City from far. I am sure he like this place very much =)

Last but not least, thanks Haven Restaurant for giving us the best dinner ever! Will definitely come back again someday! For more information, visit and Haven's Facebook Page.

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