Hennessy Artistry Press Confrence 2010 | MIECC Mines Resort City

Still remember the Biggest Hennessy Artistry @ 2010 is coming? Attended the Press Conference this evening at Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Mines Resort City. I can say the place is kinda huge and almost get lost if without my GPS + BlackBerry. Make sure you target your location at MIECC ya.

Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Citrus, Hennessy Berry & Henessy Ginger can be mixed at this bar. Personal favourite is still the Apple & Berry Flavour.

My grandpa like Hennessy V.S.O.P. a lot. Still remember he ask me to buy some when visit Langkawi.

Met Louis Xin for the very first time I guess?

There are two photo booth for people to take photo. You can choose your favourite message too.
Henry Tan and Chay Leng

The emcee for the night are Sarah Lian and Owen yap =)

Julien Defrance giving a speech (can somebody remind me his name? =))

Julien Defrance also show us The art of Mixing on how to do all 4 different Hennessy Mix (Ginger, Berry, Citrus, Apple)

Let's see who are the musical talents that attend the press conference @ MIECC today!

Deja Voodoo Spells (lack one member)

大嘴巴 Da Mouth – Aisa 愛紗 looks really cute and pretty ar

大嘴巴 Da Mouth – MC 40 仕凌 with the Rapper looks

大嘴巴 Da Mouth – Harry 怀秋 looks like a white prince

大嘴巴 Da Mouth – Chung Hua 宗華 with colourful dressing

Kardinal Offishall sharing about where he got his blings

Mizz Nina would say, "What you waiting for?"

DJ Alex Dreamz cool with his sunglasses. Hmm...Is it because the spot light too bright? 3 out of 7 guys wear sunglasses.

Well Foulworks & Miss Eva T wasn't there just now. But still will see them later~!

A group photo of them cheers with Hennessy and drinks

Aisa 愛紗 looks like saying, "Thank you for coming!"

Da Mouth was requested for a group photo, and they are so nice to pose for us =D
AiSa with her cool & sexy pose, Harry look at the camera

MC 40 仕凌 has a good pose showing his outfit

Caught AiSa looking to my camera and yes I see you before at last time Da Mouth PUMA Music Fashion Night @ Opera =)

Wasn't able to take photo with AiSa but here he is Kardinal Officshall =)
A lot taller than I thought

The stitch HooiNee

Here is a bunch of fun bloggers who attended the press conference today =) Like this shot!
I am sure the official photographer was headache with so many cameraman this time.
*Thanks Matt for helping us take the photo*

Well guys, don't miss this grand H-Artistry that will be held @ MIECC Mnes Resort City =)

Don't just stay under the emo spot light alone, go have some fun!
*Just so randomly spot someone sitting there alone, not sure emo/not ;p*

If you are going tomorrow, here is the sneak peek for you guys! The Grand Entrance to the Big Party~!

To come to this Hennessy Artistry, make sure you locate your GPS @ MIECC(Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre).

Date : 23 October 2010 (Saturday)
Venue : Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Mines Resort City
Time : 9.00PM till late

A little tips for you guys, do come earlier as early as 8PM to prevent the traffic jam and find good car-park slots. Cos H-Artistry expected around more than 5,000 people will come to this party!

UPDATE: Here is a video taken during introduction of each music artist.
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PS: Video during the Press Conference will be uploaded after I finish compile it. Thanks Nuffnang for the HA passes!


  1. I'm there serving beers and eventually drunk at the ending moment :x, the music is too good !

  2. [singdreams]
    Do you mean you get drunk at the party or press conference? ;p
    Music is definitely great ~!

  3. I'm there serving beers and eventually drunk at the ending moment :x, the music is too good !


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