Steve McCurry's A Common Faith Epson Photo Contest with ruumz

Long long time ago back in March 2010, there was this Faith and the Common Good Photo Contest organized by Epson Malaysia and ruumz. Decided to join this contest to see how my photo will looks like if it was selected and printed out in huge size & framed. Luckily and thankfully my photo was selected and I was invited to join the prize giving ceremony at Islamic Art Museum Malaysia.

There were photos selected base on votes / picked by judges. Above five pictures were pick by Steve McCurry himself.

This is Mr_____ from Epson Malaysia and James Chong from ruumz
*due too long till I forgot his name ;p*

This is my photo successfully being on Top 15 and printed with Epson Printer & framed! Thanks to friends and supporter who voted for my picture, Epson and ruumz for printing out the photo~ The moment I got that I told to myself, "My cousin (inside the photo) will definitely love this portrait very much!"

*Ahh, I wonder why I forgot to pose for my own camera*

This is my cousin with his own portrait. Ah within just a few months he grews a lot. He immediately fine a place to hang his photo when I gave this to him.

His photo won the Grand Prize and photo was picked by Steve McCurry =)

Lots of Kingston Liu's photos won the contest too. That's his mom receiving the prize for him =)

Top three photos won Epson Stylus T60 Printer =D

There was a photo being auctioned and raised RM5,000 for Rumah Nur Salam by Epson Charity. Good deed from Epson =)

These Epson photo printers looks kinda small and trendy ar. If printer ink wasn't that expensive(not sure if it is still applies to ALL printer nowadays) I would definitely have one at home to print my favourite photo already.

This Epson printer can print nice panorama photo =)

Photo with the ruumzsters while I have spare time walking around =D
This is Farez. Haha, I still remember he say he saw me everywhere, which is true esp for ruumz event!

Andrew, Arsyan, Me, James Chong & Lilian Hor

Feel sad that is kinda dull already...


That time documentary photographer Steve McCurry's Travels through the Muslim World photos was display in Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Therefore I pay a visit to see and learn from his great arts.

Here are some of their photos. I like his portrait where the person look into his camera.

There are other people inside the hall spending time to enjoy Steve McCurry's work =)

Ah, I found this photo funny and interesting haha! he is grooming his mustache. Remind me of Marccus's chubbiest photo.

For your information, Marccus is the little cute guy in the middle low of the photo. Haha!!! Me and Wern did a photo collage to challenge but I guess we failed ;p

Steve McCurry's most stunning shoot - The Afghan Girl
Appear on National Geographic Magazine before~

Travelers took photo with it.

I took photo of her with Lilian

Of course I get myself a photo with the Afghan girl too. Two some more! Lalala~ hahaha!

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