05 February 2012

@wongfupro Philip & Wesley Mini Symposium @ Taylor Lakeside

Today was awesome to have Wong Fu Productions Philip & Wesley in Malaysia sharing their film making experience and of course answer tons of Wong Fu Fans' questions ended with an encouragement shout-out to all film makers not to give up easily when you feel down as three of them are there to support you guys in spirit. Here's some photos sneak peek:

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia Taylor Lakeside |
Philip and Wesley together on stage sharing their filming knowledge not forgetting to tell us some jokes (and little drama between them).

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia Taylor Lakeside |
Wong Fu Productions' Wesley and Philip enjoying the videos self-produced by Malaysian awesome film-maker!! I really like the 2nd and 3rd video being shown =) Can see they put in lots of efforts and creativity in it!

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia Taylor Lakeside |
She is one of the WF fans who made a video and won the passes to mini symposium + answered a question + great gift + hug from Wesley and Philip.

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia Taylor Lakeside |
Later then Meet & Greet Session where Wong Fu Fans posing up with "WONG FU 4 LYFE"!

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia Taylor Lakeside |
Malaysia Wong Fu fans are really lucky to able to hug both Philip and Wesley during the meet and greet session =) Of course, Wes and Philip are even luckier being hug by tons of girls. They do hope that they can get to know all the fans but time are limited so just a greet and hug. If you happen to hug them both, PRESS THE FB LIKE BUTTONS for more video footage and photos!

PS: Thuubs up to WF fans who use video recording mode instead of trying to camwhore with them. It just capture more and tell more story =)

Wong Fu Productions in Malaysia Taylor Lakeside |
All right I need to accompany the "awkward" duck at Taylor Lakeside in my dreamland. Give me some time to compose a well arranged and organize blog post for Wong Fu Productions Live In Malaysia x Wong Fu 4 Lyfe!!

Thanks again to Inspire.ME, Nuffnang and other parties who brought WFP to Malaysia =)

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