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Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration Little Crazy Ideas

Blue colour
Nuffnang is having 5th birthday celebration at Neverland this weekend. So how should Nuffnang stick man celebrate his 5th birthday? *Kido Daruma put on thinking cap*

Blue colour
If you guys like adrenaline rush, go for a few round on this Superman Roller Coaster ride. It is just perfectly awesome like bungy jump. PS: This one located in Goldcoast Australia, it was fun to be on it!

Blue colour
Or can make it easier. Climb Broga Hill in mid-night to see sunrise. Bring along a birthday cake and blow it when reach the top. If you are lucky you can see amazing sunrise with colourful sky =)

Blue colour
Both place sound so far? Don't worry get Doraemon to help you out with his "Dokodemo Door"[Pintu Suka Hati /任意门] You will just reach there in second and celebrate with fireworks on top of the hill! *imagination getting crazy*

Blue colour
I guess Nuffnang Stickman do deserve pretty lady in blue to accompany him during his 5th birthday. Of course Tim would be with Audrey for A-Thousand-Year.
*I believe it is easily to find as all female bloggers will attend in blue dress that night?*

Blue colour
And of course, Nuffnang Stickman deserved a lovely birthday kiss too!
*muacks with fishy smell*

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration
Nuffnang 5th birthday Party will be held at Neverland Club this Sunday (26th Febbruary). Dress code is BLUE yo! So... Are you going? If yes *paw 5*!

All right I hereby wish Nuffnang Happy 5th Birthday and wish you grow fatter instead of remain as stickman. *We are both in blue, how bout you?* Cheers!

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