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YunaMusic @ Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert

After sharing Wonder Girls and Hoobastank photos taken during Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert. Here comes YunaMusic @ Yuna Zarai~!

Songs performed by Yuna:
Decorate, Gadis Semasa, Rehab, Super something, Dan Sebenarnya, Penakut

Yuna welcoming everyone with a smile

Featuring Yuna guitar with her talented hands

When Yuna sing with full of emotions

"You see I ;m better, faster, stronger"

"I am just like that", Yuna

"Kamu tau tak blog TianChad.com ini? Bagus tau!"
If only Yuna said this lol

I like the lightings

Yuna smile again @ Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert

Yuna with her new instrument @ Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert

Yuna looks like playing a classical music instrument but not it isn't. Anyone know its name?
It is a Suzuki Qchor. Thanks to Udaswoop

"I wanna thanks TianChad for the photos, hope you guys like this post and share!"
*Yuna is thanking the fans and audience actually ~~*

If wanna see more photos of Yuna at Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert, comment below then~ Gonna sleep now, continue later for Bunkface and more Wonder Girls concert photos!

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