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Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall & Gardens 2010

Finished watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Thanks to ChurpChurp for the tickets. If you guys have Twitter remember to sign up for Churp Churp, not only you can earn money by just tweeting, you can also have free movie screening! And thanks Jackie Loi, CopyKate who collect the tickets for me =D

Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court 2010

Christmas Decoration at Mid Valley Gardens 2010

Blue Reindeer Christmas Decoration by elianto.

Spotted people stuffing the teddy bear, big one.

This year 2010 Christmas Theme would be focus on HUGE Teddy Bears I guess? =)

So huge and soft till RedButtockz (Wern) wanna hug it =D

Saw the picture I show earlier? The brown bear is going to be complete soon. And yeah there will have lots more teddy bears~! Wonder will there be any CareBear?

There is a reason why this bear has a name call Rilakkuma.
The bird's name could be Kuma? ;p
"Kuma" means bear in Japanese =)

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