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DearBear3 Handmade @ Wonderful Market 5

Today is the Pipit 4th Anniversary and Wonderful Market 5. So as usual I went to support my sis - DearBear3 for her handmade stuff. This time venue was set at Central Market Annexe Gallery.

This is one of her handmade resin necklace. This is the cupcake+candy design. There are lots more with their own unique looks.

DearBear3's new product - The Rabbit+Monkey+Bear rings

A closer look of DearBear3 with her Bear Cap bro.
*The bear cap also handmade by her too*

Feel free to email her at dearbear1228[at]gmail.com if you want to ahve custom made handmade item kay?

-DearBear3's Blog Shop
-DearBear3's Facebook Fanpage

Saw this short patung @ at the Wonderful Market. This is what he shouted ;p

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