04 November 2010

3OH!3 Amazing Double Vision Music Video!

Hey guys, have you ever think of making a music video of what you see when you surfing a website by using real people? 3OH!3 did and this is something thing new that I decide to share today.

3OH!3 - Double Vision
[Are they standing or lying? =)]

Let's have a look at their video first! =)

3OH!3 - Double Vision (Official Music Video)

By just pressing the Play button he will start singing and flowing on the crowd

"Floating" on the water? That's cool =D

Recognize the ads for dating? I am kinda impressed with their efforts of creating this video and wonder how they did it. Luckily have a "Behind the Scene" video. Here it is:

3OH!3 Double Vision - Behind the Scenes
It is not the CGI effects but real people switching from scene to scene.

3OH!3 doesn't like to brag. Sean Foreman and Nathaniel 'Nat' Motte say that making their loud, distorted, electronic-pop music is not about the trophies and notoriety. No, forming 3OH!3 (named after the duo's area code in Boulder, Colorado) was always about something larger than themselves. It was and remains about being FUN!

Evan Bernard, the Director for Double Vision Music Video

I am sure without the cooperation from all the team members, this video won't be a success. Salute to all of them and congratz 3OH!3 and Evan Bernard for making this nice video!

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Woot going Singapore tomorrow, anyone else will be there? =D

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