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Sony Alpha 55 & T99D @ Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

Since I just bathed and can't sleep immediately because of wet hair, I will just get some photos posted up for today Sony New Digital Imaging Lineup. Above picture was shoot during the noon and the time while I was leaving. You can see what time from the clocks =)

I can say Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside has a very nice scenery view. That's why spotted a few couples of bride and groom taking their wedding photos even it was 3PM under the hot sun.

Sony Cyber-shot T99D looks very elegant for me, suits ladies with strong fashion sense and it is kinda light.

Most of the Sony cameras have the Panorama scene mode and this is one of the shoot coming out from the compact camera.

Here comes the big new buddies for Sony families - Sony Alpha 33 and Sony Alpha 55 all equipped with zoom lens. Both of them were incorporated with the newly-developed Translucent Mirror Technology. Not sure if the battery can stand longer with this technology or not, but I like the multiple focus points feature that focus continuously while you do focusing + moving the camera.

The power Sony Alpha 55 combine with zoom lens [partially zoomed]

The power Sony Alpha 55 combined with zoom lens [after zoom @ 400mm]

Hmmm....that's all for today. Caught some kind of food poisoning and wonder if it come from lunch/dinner. Well, stay tune for more photos with short stories. Thanks Sony for the memory stick and card that helps me share the picture taken by Sony cam on blog.

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