Something I Learned Today

Harlo everyone, sorry for not updating my blog as I don't get use to update blog using a laptop and there are too many photos that I have took and wanna share. However I would like to compile everything nicely first before I can show it out. Quality is always better than quantity right?

Today I just noticed there is a great person who is capable of doing so many things at one time, within a very limited and hectic time. Noticed that good friends are important too because when you feel all stressed out and wanna give up, they are the one that will pull you back and encourage you to strive harder. We must really appreciate this kind of friend and I think I have met a few. Just that sometimes people tends to keep it within himself so that his friend won't get worried with this and that.

Well lifes keep going and we still need to keep going and growing old wisely right?? I would like to thanks everyone that I have met in this life who give me supports.

If you haven't noticed, I am a quiet person who tends to listen and observe the surrounding whenever I can. Here is a post for myself to tell me I should express myself better too so that other people can understand me :)

K la. G'night peeps! Hope my current health is qualified enough to do the bungee jump and gravity ball at Sunway Lagoon Beach Themepark tomorrow.

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FeeQ said…
who that person wor? I want learn from that fella *serious*
Biopolymath said…
Will pray for your good health!
乙想 said…
yeah...agreed with u that good frens are important in our life...

And Good Luck!
JAI said…
Wow..Bungee jumping?..Wei ask zaid t think twice...stop Him..hehe..gud luck bro
TianChad田七 said…
@Winter gurl: Thanks :)
@FeeQ: Our #mss "mama"
@Biopolymath. Thanks!
@乙想: Thanks hope you found your good friend too!
@JAI: Thanks for the goodluck, I survived from the bungee jump!
乙想 said…
yeah...agreed with u that good frens are important in our life...

And Good Luck!

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