Selangor, I Just Haven't Met You Yet~!

Travel and blogging has been my passion ever since I started blogging 2 years ago. I tend to use photos to share my travel stories on blog and I am glad that people do like how it was presented.

I like to travel to places which close to the nature and somehow the adventurous me do like it. For example, I've been to the mangrove area during my Save Our Seahorse Conservation Trip. Me and my friends had a challenging journey walking pass all sorts of barrier from the land to the mangrove area and this is definitely something very new and fun for us.

We've made it to the other side of mangrove and pose just in front of the Singapore-Malaysia bridge. Isn't it awesome? =D

I even got the chance to get involve with seahorse conservation project and this is one little living seahorse that I found. Trust me, the experience is worth more than what you are doing now!

A few months back I was one of the bloggers who joined the Melaka Homestay Travel Trip too, it was fun and yet another memorable trip that I've shared on my blog =)

I learned how to filter the rice by getting rid of rice husk using the traditional way. Throw and catch! Sounds easy but not until you do it yourself =)

Through blogging, traveling and photographing with my camera, I am able to capture precious moment along my trip and share the joy with my blog readers. I can say it is always a fun thing to do!

Phuket Trip, one of the beautiful Island

It is my dream of become a travel blogger in future because I can share beautiful pictures with people all around the world and inspire them to document down their own travel stories. I know that there are so many hidden nice places in Selangor that I haven't been yet. That's why I wanna grab this chance by joining "My Selangor Story" =)

I will ensure that I take nice photos to share on my blog and attract more people around the world to travel to Malaysia. Sharing is caring right?

I hope that I will be given a chance to join this special and fun trip during the five days [24-28 September 2010] as I have already make them available to fit this trip~!I don't wanna miss it especially when I can win great prizes while travel and blogging at the same time~!!

So guys, please vote for me @ and makes my dream comes true~! Appreciate for that!!
[Try vote for me everyday till 10th Sep can?? =D]

To increase my chance of being selected, me and my good blogging buddy MsXeroz @ Nicole decided to do audition video with little creativity. Hope you like it and vote for us~!

You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~!

PS: Thx RedButtockz @ Wern for being the cameraman although she is already tired that day.


MsXeRoZ Nicole said… come our video so similar one.. WAHAHAHA..


Vote for me too!!!
Thristhan said…
All the best bro :) Hopefully we win together then can travel around selangor.
Hope you get to travel with XiaoBoon ;p
Well write up bro.. and good pictures.. thumbs up for u and wish u luck! =D

Wilson Ng said…
You have my vote and I will be competing if I got time!
TianChad田七 said…
Haha all the best to us~!

Yeah I hope so too~

[Redbuttockz Wern]
Yeah lo, I've been playing with XiaoBoon since I recoding my video ;p

Thanks Shahrul =D
It seems like I need more votes to help me get selected

Thank you Dahlia~!!

[Wilson Ng]
Bro, instead of saying competing, why not just join the contest so we all can have fun? =)
plkw said…
Hi TianChad,

Had voted for u.. :)

Patrick Liew
Unknown said…
hey there! goodluck...gave you 5 hearts. :D
TianChad田七 said…
Thanks~! Pls spread the news to help me gain more votes~! Appreciate~!

Thanks M-Knight =) R u joining the contest?

[Dylan Phuah]
Thanks for all the hearts ;p

Thanks ken!!
good luck, tian chad.
travelling is certainly a nice passion to have.

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