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Resident Evil + Step Up 3D by Friendster? Phail!

Remember I have blogged about Fizz Friendster's Screening Tickets Giveaway? Step Up 3D and Resident Evil: Afterlife? It was great that Friendster offering their members free screening to get more people join the social website.

First of all, I am sorry if you are participating the contest because wanna watch both movie in 3D but in the end didn't manage to. That's why I removed the word "3D" for Resident's Evil Post after I learned the lesson through Fizz Friendster's first screening - Step Up 3D.

Didn't expect to be disappointed twice but I did... I can't blame Friendster also because there are no poster without the word "3D" for them to use [this is the only possible reason I thought of]. Besides, it is not their fault because they never put the word "3D" in the contest post. [The word 3D appeared in Step Up movie because it belongs to part of the movie's name I guess? Lol]

Sigh...I personally feel that if Friendster wanna attract more people to join the website, especially when they are chasing up so many social website out there. A movie that was recorded using 3D technique should be watched with 3D glasses also right? If not what's the main point sponsoring the movie at first hand? Since you are investing on something nice, why not giving it at the best?

I have disappointed myself twice, and I won't let it happen for the 3rd time! Anyway, thanks to a friend who invited me for these premiere screenings. I really appreciate for her offer, just that Friendster can do better instead of......

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