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New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Bandar Puteri

Recently the infamous Ipoh Nga Choy Chicken Since 1977 opened a New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Bandar Puteri. Went there for dinner with Jack and Koko. My first time trying their Chicken Rice.

I would say based on the colour the chicken meats it looks delicious already. It looks different without other Chicken Rice shop too. How bout the taste?

I would say it tasted really really nice and you will want to visit again!

Personally like this Chicken Legs' Skin @ 玻璃鸡脚 because it was served cold with sour, sweet and a little spicy taste =D

Only people who like to eat chicken leg will know how to enjoy this dish haha!

And this is the non-halal meat, roasted pork with great sauce cover over each and every pieces. Nice to eat with plain rice. Can taste even better with the Chicken Rice.

There are other branches of Ipoh Chicken Rice which you may already know. In Jalan Gasing, Bandar baru Seri petaling, Mid Valley City,Lot 10 Shopping Centre and Giza Mall.

Personally feel that how much you pay is almost equal to how much you get to satisfy your tastebuds. A bit expensive, but seldom visit here will still be okay for me la ;p

Since that day is 30th of August, we went to the nearby Basket Robin outlet to have 31% cheaper ice-cream. There is an employee that always show great smile and I believe it attract old customer to visit again, just for his smile lol!!

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