30 September 2010

7aste Monte Carlo Coming to Ecoba @ 8 Oct 2010

Get ready to experience the glamorous lifestyle of Monte Carlo crafted fascinatingly by 7aste - expect exotic fast cars along with race queens, spellbinding performances, spinning sessions by renowned DJs, sparkling wine, exquisite cuisine and splendid prize giveaways.

Luxuriate in every indulgence meant to heighten all senses - it is time to live it up like an A-list celebrity.

7aste events are exclusively for 7aste members and restricted to persons 18 years and over. Non-members will be charged RM77 each at the entrance. Non-alcoholic drinks for Muslims.

So, why not you register as a 7aste member now to skip the cover charge?

Hmm, as a VIP guest can invite minimum 5 friends wor =)
I'm going to this coming event @ Ecoba 8th October 2010, are you going too?

For more details please visit:

Facebook Page:

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29 September 2010

MSS Day 1: Firefly, i-City & Uptown Shah Alam

Harlo guys, this would be my first post for My Selangor Story Travel! All bloggers were ought to gather at Subang Skypark Terminal around 3pm and this is the place we met- KAPITAN Kopitiam. I would like to thanks Wern for fetching me and Nicole to the terminal =)

Firefly is the sponsor for bloggers from Indonesia, Singapore and other states who need flights to reach here. I didn't take the flight but I am sure we all receive warm welcome from the Firefly crews. She has a big smile doesn't she? =)

There are familiar bloggers and new faces appear in the kopitiam. Here is one of the group photo that I manage to get.

Some finger food to welcome us and thanks to Firefly's pilot that give all passengers good treatment along the way.

Raja Sa’adi, the Head of PR & Marketing for Firefly giving an opening speech about what they are doing to serve people flying around the world. This is the third year Firefly serving the publics and the location plus destination of flight is increasing~!

You can fly from hub in Subang, connect to Penang, Kuala Terengganu, Kerteh, Kota Bharu, Alor Setar, Langkawi and Johor Bahru within Malaysia. In Thailand, Firefly fly to Koh Samui and in Indonesia, Firefly fly to Medan, Pekanbaru and Batam. From Penang, Firefly connects Malaysians in the northern state to Phuket in Thailand, to Banda Acheh and Medan in Indonesia, and to Subang and Langkawi in the Peninsular.

Firefly has also started its new route to Singapore from Subang, Ipoh, K. Terengganu, Kuantan. That's how all the bloggers from Singapore and Indonesia arrive at Subang Skypark Terminal in time~

Since I am not taking flights to reach there. You will be interested to read their stories from Indonesian bloggers - Alid Abdul, Citra Rahman & Husni Fahrizal.

The stewardess are friendly enough to take photo together with the bloggers too~!

Carlton Holiday Hotel & Suites is the first hotel we are staying in. I am sharing the room with Thristhan for the day. Below is a video for the inside view of the hotel room.

The view of Carlton Holiday Hotel & Suites

A very simple room with two single beds. Found a spot of the carpet floor is wet but don't know why. And it has the old place kind of smell. But still it is comfortable enough for us to stay overnight.

After half hour break in the hotel room we all meet at the hall to take PENTAX Camera that is going to loan on us during the whole trip. Some of us got the DSLR, while some of us got the water proof camera/compact cam.

I got the white PENTAX Optio E80 which is fairer than my skin =)

We were then introduced to the Tourism Selangor's Crews - Fazly Razally, Hafeezuddin and 3 more handsome+pretty.

Kak Ning, our Tour Guide along the trip will tell us bunch of stories about the point of interest in Selangor. She is talkative anddefinitely know how to tell jokes =D

We took the bus and heading to i-City Shah Alam. PENTAX Option P80 looks kinda elegant from the outside and I try to get familiar with this camera function.

I spotted a few dining tables in the middle of the i-City and was wondering which VIP is going to sit there. In the end, figured out that we are the VIP that will be sitting there~! How honoured could that be?! O.o

$ 100,000 on

Harlo guys, I just woke up from 12 hours sleep after back from MySelangorStory(MSS) Trip. Luckily with my BlackBerry Bold I can reply important email when I was at anywhere around Selangor. Today I checked my email again and I got this screenshoot from one of my beloved blog readers. Do you noted something from it?

At last had a breakthrough and reach 100,000 visitors for the first time~! It might be small digits for famous bloggers, but it is a huge achievement for me~! XD Thank you so much for my reader who trying to get the 100,000 digit =)

I hereby want to thanks everyone who drop by at and reading my post whenever possible. Especially the one who send me this screenshoot while I am still at MSS Travel.

In next 6 days, I will have super looooooooooooooong post about MySelangorStory Travel DAY BY DAY (29th Sep - 4th Oct)~! Ah I need time to present my photos at best layout whenever possible, so stay tune at this page and read them while you can okay? Cos first day post will be today!

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27 September 2010

Something I Learned Today

Harlo everyone, sorry for not updating my blog as I don't get use to update blog using a laptop and there are too many photos that I have took and wanna share. However I would like to compile everything nicely first before I can show it out. Quality is always better than quantity right?

Today I just noticed there is a great person who is capable of doing so many things at one time, within a very limited and hectic time. Noticed that good friends are important too because when you feel all stressed out and wanna give up, they are the one that will pull you back and encourage you to strive harder. We must really appreciate this kind of friend and I think I have met a few. Just that sometimes people tends to keep it within himself so that his friend won't get worried with this and that.

Well lifes keep going and we still need to keep going and growing old wisely right?? I would like to thanks everyone that I have met in this life who give me supports.

If you haven't noticed, I am a quiet person who tends to listen and observe the surrounding whenever I can. Here is a post for myself to tell me I should express myself better too so that other people can understand me :)

K la. G'night peeps! Hope my current health is qualified enough to do the bungee jump and gravity ball at Sunway Lagoon Beach Themepark tomorrow.

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24 September 2010

My first ever BIG Treasure Hunt is coming!

Do you still remember I've mentioned that me and a few friends will join the GSC 100 Plus Treasure Hunt? Well in one more week time (2nd October 2010) I will have to face the challenge!

Here is my participating team members~! Ruby, Suresh, Eyriqazz and myself combined as the "Team G+" ! We are going to join the Treasure Hunt to have fun and help Hospis Malaysia~! I hope we can get your blessing in winning the treasure hunt kay? *reading all the rules and tips again and again on this treasure hunt*

Interested parties can check out GSC website @ for more details or log on to GSC Facebook fan page, follow GSC twitter or surf GSC mobile for the latest updates on the go.

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PS: Starting from tomorrow 23th-28th September I will be away for MySelangorStory Travel Blogging Journey. Please do vote for my videos and share blogpost during and after this period~! Thx! =)

23 September 2010

One Day in My Hometown Melaka. Quick Update!

I went back to Melaka because long time didn't go back Melaka to see my families especially grandparents. Back there just for one day because time constrain for upcoming travel/event/whatever =). Managed to eat together with a few friends from secondary school too =D. art of the SM3Y 2004.

Thanks JiaLing for being the "gathering initiator"~! I wish Kuan have a early happy birthday first as I won't be able to attend his BBQ party this coming weekend. Glad to meet YongKuan, JunFeng, JingHong, RuFen and JiaLing after so long not seeing each other =)

Before I come back Puchong, this is what my grandparents cook for lunch. I love them so much XD Family dishes are always nice, no? There is a very sinful dishes that I like the most and wil probably share next time ;p

Last but not least, have a Happy Belated Mid-Autumn festival today~! I am now still packing stuff for upcoming My Selangor Story Travel+Blogging Contest starting from tomorrow 23th - 28th September 2010. I hope you guys can stay tune on my daily update especially the video ya! Cos you will able to listen to my voice and broken English then laugh "gao gao" =)

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20 September 2010

Video: Love Trip - What is love?

I always use my free time watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo+++ to find something that can touch my heart. There are lots more videos that I would like to share but this time wanna share a short film about a son figuring out what is love. This video will show two different love trip and let see how it goes kay?

For smooth viewing experience, make sure you wait till it load finish then only play the video.

Love Trip (short film) from Sleepless City Productions on Vimeo.

Sometimes love just come to you without you knowing it

Written and Directed by Dan Brody
Produced by Dan Brody & Daniella Kahane
Edited by Noah Shulman (for Sleepless City Productions)

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I Love U Shabu-Shabu @ Puchong, beside IOI Mall

Feels like doing a short and happy post today. It was a gathering day with my ex-colleagues @ Restaurant I Love U Shabu-Shabu (just beside Puchong IOI Mall and you can get free parking when park inside the mall). It is a buffet restaurant =)

So when friend asked me where I am going to, I just said: "I Love U...................Shabu-Shabu!". Glad that I made them shocked & surprised wahaha~! You should try it too when people asking you the same question~

Comparing this picture with other blog post available on the internet. It seems like I Love U Shabu-Shabu is saving budgets investing on the seafoods? It looks like there are lots of empty space on the ices. However I still eat a lot of the big clams lined-up at the corner.

The seafood corner look as much like this on January 2010, picture credits to IAmTheWitch

You can get TomYam soup, Herbal Soup, Chicken Soup+++ and everyone can has their own bowl. My herbal soup ends up become super concentrated Seafood soup because having lots of big clam ;p

They do serve different kind of meat slices (chicken, beef, pork) but you need to get it from the waiter/counter that slice them for you. This is one of their way to control the spending I guess?

The colourful sauce they have. Need to mix with sweet soy sauce if I am not wrong.

Glad to see the happy couple Liew & Yap =) They are Victory-Cute, aren't they?

Haha if you are a person who can't eat much at buffet lunch/dinner, you can invite my friend to eat for your portion! KeeWee my great colleagues can eat as many as two person! I really really salute him =)

He never disappointed us since the dinner at Tanjung Rambutan Buffet BBQ & Steamboat~

So here is me, Matthew Gan and KeeWee. Great friends and colleagues I would say =) Nicole and Wern was there too but I didn't have their picture that night.

If you are visiting I Love U Shabu-Shabu, make sure you get total 6 friends together as there are now Buy 5 Free 1 Promotions on Weekdays. Ah, maybe now it explain the emptyness of seafood on the ice. It was weekday!

I Love U Shabu-Shabu

No. 7 & 9, Ground Floor,
Jalan Merbah 1,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Selangor.

Tel: 03-8076 8570


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19 September 2010

[Sneak Peek] Hennessy Artistry @ Mist Club

Just back from Mist Club for Hennessy Artistry. Caught with rain but had a hot shower and waiting for hair to dry and here I am to burn some time! Hope I won't caught flu this time.

So here they are! DJ Nesh, ZE!, and DJ Inquisitive @ Press Conference. The emcee looks familiar on Facebook. If not wrong he like to do the same pose on Facebook's profile pict. I would say we are the shy crowd to ask them questions.

Went there with Wern @ Redbuttockz =)

Took less photos this time but here is one of it. It looks like ZE! saying, "Come to mama!"
Great suit I would say.

K la tomorrow still need to wake up early. Nice to meet all the familiar and new faces in the club just now! Hope you guys have fun during the weekend yo!

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18 September 2010

My Selangor Story 2010 Bloggers’ Competition Top 30!

Harlo guys!! I have good news and bad news to share with you guys today! Do you still remember my blog post entry about joining My Selangor Story Travel Blogging Contest? Here is my qualified entry - "Selangor, I just haven't met you yet!".

Good news is both me and Nicole@Msxeroz are selected as the top 30 finalist to join this travel journey. We will able to have fully sponsored travel trip around Selangor and get to discover new places to share with you guys!

Bad news is I will be away from 23th - 28th September. Won't be able to attend Arthur days and no FHM 100 Most Wanted Women Party Night =S

Wait, I think people will have chance to see me talking and "acting-like-monkey" in video instead of just my simple English writing and photos. That can be a new different view for you guys =) Ah, I like my "Look at the brightside" spirit~!

Travel Period 23th – 28th September 2010

  • Tourism Selangor will arrange for the entire tour itinerary, including return flights, meals and lodging. Miscellaneous expenses will be borne by individual participants.
  • The 30 selected bloggers will be flown in to Selangor for a 6 day/5 night tour of Selangor from 23th – 28th September 2010.
  • During this period, participants will be required to produce a video (up to 3mins) of each day’s activities and upload it every evening together with a travelogue of the activities on to the Tourism Selangor website with a link to YouTube.
  • The videos/stories must be produced based on the requirements of Tourism Selangor and be saved as an audio-visual file, with the copyright co-owned by Tourism Selangor, Sponsors/Partners and the entrants.
  • Upon completing the itineraries in Selangor, with the required videos and stories uploaded, participants will be awarded with a per diem provided by the organizer and sponsors.

I hereby want to thanks you guys who voted for my first blog post that makes me qualified to be the Top 30 Selangor traveller! I will definitely reward you guys more if you keep supporting me and my dearest blogging buddy Nicole yo! [Blog reaching 100k visitors soon and thinking of doing a huge giveaway! Give me some idea pls? =D]

I hope I can take nice photo to share with you guys during the trip

This time the upcoming blog posts would be more about I myself telling the story with a video instead of just writing about it. Ah, did I manage to pose like the old granny smoking up there?

Me and Nicole actually did a rehearsal/instant video recorded during waiting time for Sepang Gold Coast trip (I did travel a lot but not enough time to blog hoho).

Let see how Nicole cut a Pamelo and me being the random emcee! Practice makes perfect right? =D

There is actually another stage that we need to walk through, which is the recruit votes stage:

Blog Voting : 28th September to – 31st October 2010
  • Votes from the public will be one of the judging criterions (Note: All entrants must do their best to achieve the best possible Internet exposure for their travelogues and videos)
  • Extra points will be awarded if a participant’s video and/or travelogue is shown on their personal blog or other social media sites, such as Facebook, MySpace or added to website links by blog readers. [Means you are helping me if you share it on Facebook & Twitter]
  • All blog readers are eligible to vote for their favourite entry, regardless of nationality.

This means that during & after My Selangor Story travel trip, I will need to gain votes from you guys to help me win some awesome prizes from this competition!! It will be the same voting system as previous one and I hope I can gain your continuous 5-loves rating for each daily post~!

Please click full 5 loves every time you see mine and Nicole's daily travelogue post kay? You don't need to register or anything, just #spreadthelove on Twitter & Facebook as it give me extra points~!

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17 September 2010

Top 10 Katy Perry Teenage Dream Cover

Have you seen Katy Perry's Teenage Dream MV? I guess Malaysia sure cut lots of the scenes if it is a movie ;p

Recently I've noticed that there are more and more YouTube Singer who try to gain more exposure for themselves by record popular music cover. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is just one out of hundred thousand popular hits. Today I would like to share top 10 videos that covered Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. [The videos were not arranged accordingly to rank ya]

You can watch Katy Perry's MV first:

Teenage Dream - KatyPerry (Director Cut)

#1 Megan Nicole - A sweet looking girl with nice voice. My first time listen to her voice. That's how people know about a new talented person.

Teenage Dream - Megan Nicole

#2 DavidChoi - A guy who has unique voice, talented in create soundtrack and an actor too. He has lots of hat accessories when record a song. One of my favourite artist.

Teenage Dream - DavidChoiMusic

#3 Tyler Ward - Re-write some of the parts and make it more family appropriate. Now, you can find Tyler writing, recording and performing music all over the state of Colorado. Tyler has become a well known local artist who is heavily pursued to perform live

TeenageDream - Tyer Ward

#4 BoysAvenue [Alejandro Manzano] - A boy band that I like because he has the unique vocal =) Recently found out we were born in same year but I still look like a kid while he looks more mature. Wtf...Is it because of the difference between Asian and "Ang Mo"? Whatever~

Teenage Dream -BoysAvenue (piano acoustic cover/version)

#5 Lizz Melody - Some people say she looks like Katy Perry. Looks does matter when it comes to visual elements =)

Teenage Dream - LizzMelody

#6 The PianoBros (Ryan and Richie) - The twin brothers who do music cover together. Not much twins that play piano together and made a good cover. That's their unique selling point.

Teenage Dream - Piano Cover by Twins Ryan and Richie of ThePianoBros

#7 AHMIR - The #1 Most Popular R&B Group On YouTube. Featured in Billboard, VIBE, BET and FOX Morning Show.

Teenage Dream - AHMIR Cover

#8 Keenan Cahill - He can't sing but with his "cute" huge eyes (because of the spectacles) and funny acts he is getting more famous now =) He did the right thing at the right time I guess?

Teenage Dream - BeenerKeeKee19952

#9 Mike Tompkins - Create all the bass, beatbox and other musical instruments using his mouth. Talented and good singer too.

Teenage Dream & Just the way you are - Acapella Cover - Katy Perry - Bruno Mars - Mike Tompkins

#10 Sam Tsui - A guy with powerful vocals and high key notes too. Who else not knowing about him? He did a mash up of several songs and let see if his magic work?

Love The Way You Lie + Teenage Dream - MASHUP SamTsui

Katy Perry's MTV sure draw a lot attention as she got a hot sexy model to act in it. Well, you gotta be unique to gain more attention right? For example, Lady Gaga's meat costume and her MTV. Freaky but she dare to do it. Katy Perry also one of the daring girl if you have watch the California Girl MV and her new Peacock song.

If you are one of the YouTube singer, do try to choose suitable song and make a good cover. You gotta be creative to catch people attention or else it won't be easy. However, Keenan Cahill proved that although he can't sing well like others, he still able to catch people's attention by using his special talent(facial expression). From all the 10 video that I've shared, you will notice each and everyone of them have the unique characteristic that draw people attention and makes them to follow their next video.

YouTube has definitely helps tons of people getting famous because it shorten the distance between people on the globe and you can gain more exposure through the internet. Imagine if you are born in Elvis's age, maybe you can become one of the good singer in pub only.

Thanks a lot if you have spend your precious time watching & listening to all 10 videos and thught that I am sharing =)

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