PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge with Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg!

Five lucky top scorers of PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge manage to have a private session with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.
Courtesy of PETRONAS Brands, once-in-a-lifetime experience has been given to Facebook users who attained top scores in this FB Game - PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge. Five lucky winners were selected for this hugh surprise which they didn't know that they will be able to form a team together with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton and race against each other! Wow that's exciting!! And I didn't know I get to ...

Total 10 of us trying to get the highest score so that we can be the final two to play with Nico and Lewis
Thanks to PETRONAS Brands, me and a few blogger buddies were given opportunity to take this PRIMAX Challenge and race against each other to be the top scorer. The final two survivors will be teamed with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton to race against each other.

Here's us doing our best to get the highest score because this was a great opportunity to get close with my favourite F1 Driver!

Check out all their high score!! I only manage to get 21k points
Basically this PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge is very easy to play but hard to achieve high score if you don't have agile fingers to grab all the combo points. Since it was my first time to play this game,  reached 50% of the highest score consider quite awesome already right?! *self console*

Deep down in my heart I was like, "Why I didn't practice playing with the game few days earlier? Now I missed my chance to race together with Nico and Lewis! Sigh..."

After the two top scorers being selected, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton greeted us and ready for the race!

This is what you can do if you are the top scorer of PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge
*ahh they really deserve this priceless opportunity*
I was really envy on both the winners who get to team together with Nico and Lewis even though this is just a virtual race. It's all about teamwork to win a race and it is this experience that you can never get from anywhere else.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton was new to this game too, hence they have a discussion on how to do well in it

Here we go, Team Nico Rosberg vs Team Lewis Hamilton!!
Guess who won?!

"How did they score 41k points?! Is that even possible?!", said Nico Rosberg after completed his game
Oh well, thanks to team work, Team Nico won the race at PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge!!

It doesn't matter which team has won because a private session with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg is definitely priceless!
Can you see the lucky girl above? She managed to hug Lewis Hamilton and it was a dream comes true for her!! If you don't wat to miss out the chance to hang out with your favourite F1 drivers next year, make sure you like PETRONAS Brands FB page now for latest update!
Thanks to PETRONAS Brands and  the friendly employees for making this happened!
A group photo with Raja Mazhar Mohar Bin Raja Tun Mohar, the head of PETRONAS Customer Experience Department after a chit-chat session regarding PETRONAS Fuel and F1 events.
During our chit-chat session with Raja Mazhar Mohar Bin Raja Tun Mohar, the head of PETRONAS Customer Experience Department, we exchanged our experiences on using PETRONAS fuel and lubricant. Including suggestion for Mesra store at PETRONAS Petrol Station too as people like to visit a place that is convenient and comfortable for them. Glad that they will have more facilities to improve user's experience soon. Other than that, Raja also mentioned that all F1 teams that use Mercedes engines will be using PETRONAS fuel and lubricant throughout the whole circuit.

I've also get recommendation from both current user of PETRONAS lubricant and Raja that the current synthetic engine oil is really good that it can provides you better fuel efficiency and longer life-span for your car engine. Other than that, Euro 4 diesel will be introduced later in 2016.

By the way, do you know that same technology that is being used in F1 is being applied in the product (SYNTIUM and PRIMAX) as well? I only know it after this sharing session.

A little gift to remember this moment
Before we call it an end for the event, we collected our precious gift from PETRONAS Brands. It is a group photo of us together with Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Raja Mazhar, where the photo was autographed by the awesome F1 drivers!! I would really like to thanks PETRONAS Brands again for this rare experience and hope that more exciting activities will be organized in upcoming days to rewards the loyal customer of PETRONAS Brands and Mesra Card members. *all of us received RM100 value of Mesra point*

If possible I also want to take part in #Like2SaveFor Race with the celebrities! Till then, see you soon Nico and Lewis!!

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