Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 #MILO #MBD

Fresh and hot roti canai ready at MILO Breakfast Day 2013

It is important to have a good breakfast everyday to fuel your body with enough energy for daily activities. Usually I will make half-boiled eggs together with a cup of MILO before I go to gym in the morning. I always need to eat breakfast because if I don't, I won't be able to lift up heavy dumbbell and gym properly. Do remember that you must have proper food after gym as well so your body has enough nutrient to repair and build muscle tissues, which eventually makes you looks bigger and healthier =)

This time, MILO introducing the benefits of Positive Energy. A nutritious breakfast is the key to Positive Energy and we all should have good breakfast everyday. Having breakfast with MILO will sets a positive mood for the rest of your day, and gives you positive energy both mentally and physically! Do you know that MILO provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to give you positive energy for the day? 

Now the annual Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 is back and you can join or just come with family and friend to enjoy the games, performances, and nutritious breakfast with MILO from your favourite MILO van for a positive day!

A selfie with emcee MIB and Azura at Malaysia Breakfast Day 2013
I hereby sharing some photos taken during Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2013 so that you will have an idea what might happen this year. I can feel that this year it is gonna be more fun!

People waiting at the starting line for the morning run

Tons of MILO Medals for your collection when you finish your run within the time limit

I always love the fresh and cold MILO served directly from the MILO van

Remember to leave your #MILO #MBD message if you saw the graffiti wall!

Alois Hofbauer, the Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad

A group photo of  the winners who ran so quick that they deserved a trophy

A picture together with OneFM DJ MeiSim and Jack

It is always good to see kids during the run. They give me Positive Energy

My lovely girlfriend who finished her run and grabbed the medal easily

Here's to MILO!! Say hi to Zherpeen!!

On the Malaysia Breakfast Day launch, the Nestle MILO team serves a healthy breakfast accompanied with a nutritious mug of MILO

The MILO Positive Energy Squad pulls off some energising moves to start the day

This year Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 will have the theme of  MILO Positive Energy. I've always drink MILO since young and always love it to be part of my daily meal. It fuels me whenever I need =) 

Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 - Competitive Run (8KM)
Registration fee is only RM20 for early birds

This year Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 has two categories of run, the Competitive Run (8KM) and Group Run (3KM) where you can run together with your friends and family. If you do collect finishing medals, remember to join the 8KM competitive run!

Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 - Group Run (3KM)
Forming a team of 4 and the joining fee is only RM40
Attractive prizes for you to win in Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014!! Total six categories.

Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 will happen at Dataran Putrajaya on 20th April 2014 starting from 7:00am (there will be a 8km / 3 km run). You can join the run or just come with family and friend to enjoy the games, performances, and nutritious breakfast with MILO from your favourite MILO van!!

PS: There's an early bird promotion for you who register early! Head over to this page to register yourself now!! Let's look at the brightside together with MILO would ya? ;p

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