What's Wrong with Najib's CNY 2013 Greeting on YouTube?

To be honest, there's nothing wrong with it (not totally); If you are a radio listener of oneFM, I believe you've heard numerous time about the phrase mentioned above "纳吉迎春,四季平安"If you haven't heard that before, below is a video for you (by MalaysiaKini)

Najib and son extend CNY greetings in Mandarin through airwaves

I was quite surprised when I heard the CNY wishes by Najib and his son through OneFM. So far I think he and his campaign/marketing manager are doing a lot of work to approach more people especially during this Chinese New Year before the General Election started. Have you seen how other politician garner votes using YouTube video too?

Besides radio, I believe some of you received mail/letter or even PERSONALIZED ANGPOW ENVELOPES greeting from our own country Malaysia's Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib right?? Fuyoh!! 

But I will never thought of one day that our Prime Minister will suddenly appear on YouTube and become a 'professional drummers' of Chinese Lion Dance!! You see the way Najib hit the drum, his hand look so young and smooth! Must be using SKII that has been promoting much on YouTube channel hahaha.

A quick scene of Dato Sri Mohd Najib playing drums for lion dance
In the short video greeting, I can see fire crackers burning and exploding in the background. So does this men from this year on it is legal for us to play fire crackers already? Hmm~

PS: Which brand of watch does Najib wearing on his left hand?? *just being curious*

Let's watch the video below if you haven't see it:

A not very well written word of "吉"
I wonder if the producer of Najib's CNY Wishing video is aware of the wrong writing of the word "吉" or not; Or it was their purpose to show that Najib is still learning how to write his own Chinese name "纳吉"? 

"吉",is consisted of two words "士" and "口", not "土", "口".

"纳吉写错字了!" "Yeah!"
So I've seen Najib approch us Chinese during this Chinese New Year using Radio Advertisement, TV Advertisement, Mail and Postage included with Ang Pow, YouTube and what else? Do you receive SMS greeting from Najib this year?

I believe Najib and NationBranding(Youtube) is doing a great job at wishing us all Happy Chinese New Year. However, for our great future and children, is it a worth to support who you are supporting now? Maybe yes, maybe not =) If you got time, I recommend you to watch two more videos which has higher views and Likes on YouTube without need to advertising on YouTube haha!

There are much more to be consider to choose our future leaders. Between, have you register as voters? If yes, make sure you check your voter status here. I am a verified voter, are you?

Make sure to register now at Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR)!! On another side note, my history teacher used to teach me how to remember our Prime Ministers' name using Tunku Abdul Rahman's "RAHMAN"

R -  TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN PUTRA AL HAJ (From Aug 28, 1957 to Sept 21, 1970)
A -  UN ABDUL RAZAK HUSSEIN (From Sept 22, 1970 to Jan 14, 1976)
H - TUN HUSSEIN ONN (From Jan 15, 1976 to July 16, 1981)
M - TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD (From July 16, 1981 to Oct 31, 2003)
A - TUN ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI (From Oct 31, 2003 to April 3, 2009)
N - DATUK SERI NAJIB RAZAK (From April 3, 2009 - present ) (Benama)

So who's next after "N"?? Anybody has the answer? ;p

I hereby wishing you all Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday!!

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