Harlem Shake - The New Gangnam. PSY you Ready?

According to the internet and google results, The Harlem Shake will be the new Gangnam Style.
It is viral enough for you to notice it even if you don't want to. 

The Harlem Shake

What is The Harlem Shake?
"They all follow a simple formula: There’s a mundane setting—dorm room, office, kitchen—and one person in some kind of odd headgear starts wiggling his hips while everyone else ignores him. Then the beat pops on “Harlem Shake” and—magic moment!—cut to the whole room going wild."

Watch the video below, this is the first version of The Harlem Shake:


Here's the underwater Harlem Shake: 

UGA Men's Swim and Dive Harlem Shake 

Things that you do if you can hold your breath for more than 30 seconds.

More Harlem shake compilation video for your referrence:

The Harlem Shake Compilation part 4 [ONLY THE BEST]

Why can The Harlem Shake get viral? 
  • Dubstep, what else?! Addictive and hypnotic tone
  • Only 30 seconds - just work your abs and butt hard enough for the moves
  • Chance to wear something funny/awkward - You can wear random headgear and cosplay doing something awkward
  • PSY Gangnam Style is getting boring - true story
  • Stupid but fun things to do once in a life-time
  • The thinking of, "We can do better Harlem Shake" - Here's the reason why more refined Harlem Shake videos uploaded to YouTube
Kevjumba's Harlem Shake featuring all sorts of comic starts, anime or even lion dance! Nice one lol

Now you've seen above Harlem Shake videos, so... to all Malaysian! When can I see your creative Harlem Shake? If you saw any nice one feel free to post the YouTube link at the comment section below! Malaysia Boleh kan?! I hope our country's politicians won't do this though ;p

Here's the first one I've spotted:
Harlem Shake Epic All Star Version by Germani Production


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