Melaka River at Night Looks Calm & Colorful

Melaka River Night Scenery
Melaka River Night Scenery
The weather is freezing cold now after the rain in the evening. A totally different kind of CNY I've been through so far.Currently listening to fresh music covers from various YouTube singers and it just feels right when you found another great YouTuber to be subscribed.

I am currently still in the mood of Chinese New Year holiday and did quite a lot of stuff during these two weeks. We played fireworks and it exploded in neighbour's house, knowing that the other neighbours asked for the house number plate to buy 4D and eventually it  win the 2nd prize. Congrats to those who bought the number '6064' haha.

One of the most enjoyable moment during my holiday is a simple gathering with primary school friends near Melaka River. Believe it or not, Melaka has changed a lot although I just away for a few months, more and more old houses turn into homestays and more restaurant/shop forming around the Jonker Walk area. I can really spend at least a month to explore all the new place.

However, Melaka River still remains its unique character - the smelly water. You might not able to see as much rubbish as last time but the smell will still exist especially when travel boats passed by. Above photo was captured at the river side when the river water has become stagnant in the middle of the night. You can almost get a perfect mirror image with it. Here's another one:

Melaka River Night Scenery
Melaka River Night Scenery

If you haven't notice, this image above is actually inverted and the real buildings is actually below. Hopefully I will able to find a good ultrabook paired with fast internet when I go to Melaka again so that I can do swift update on this space. Imagine you need to use a Pentium 4 PC to do Adobe Lightroom and vider rendering then upload your video at 384kbps/second... Hence that's when I decided to just enjoy my days in Melaka by enjoying good foods in Melaka. I wonder how many times have I visited the Klebang Original Coconut Shake. Make sure you read this post before you visit that crowded place especially during holiday.

Everything in Melaka is like 2 x slower when compared with staying in KL. Not only the internet speed is slower, Melaka people tends to drive slower in this place. I guess some of you were cursing at Melaka's driver when they drive like 20km/h on a straight road haha.

All right I shall continue process photos taken around Hard Rock Cafe Melaka which located just besides Melaka River and Jonker Walk; On the other hand, who will you vote for in the upcoming General Election? Do you choose leaders by the party/leadership of the future politician? I am sure more and more political YouTube Ads will appear on your YouTube too... Just hate it when it appear again and again~

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