RM 2 Million for PSY to Gangnam @ BN's CNY Open House

Psy coming to perform in Malaysia Barisan National Chinese New Year Open House
Psy coming to perform in Malaysia 1 month earlier than FMFA!
Barisan National's Chinese New Year Open House
11 Feb 2013
Penang Han Chiang High School Field

"GEORGE TOWN: South Korean superstar Psy of Gangnam Style fame and local singing sensation Shila Amzah are expected to perform here in conjunction with Barisan Nasional's Chinese New Year open house on Feb 11.

Psy or Park Jae-sang is expected to perform his viral hit in front of some 60,000 guests, including Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the Han Chiang High School field.

Shila, who became a household name in Malaysia by beating 32 singers from seven countries at the Asian Wave 2012 in Shanghai, China last September would also sing at the event.

Penang BN publicity chief Tan Cheng Liang confirmed both Psy and Shila had agreed to entertain guests at the event. Tan said Psy would be backed up by a team of dancers from South Korea. "Everyone, especially those celebrating the Chinese New Year, is invited to attend the event. We urge the rakyat to come out in full force to welcome Psy."

In Kuala Lumpur, MCA will hold its Chinese New Year open house at Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras on Feb 10. MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said more than 10,000 people are expected to throng the event which will be held at the Sri Johor flats' field in Jalan Ikan Emas here, at 9 am."

If you didn't sleep early yesterday night, I bet you have know that PSY will be performing at Barisan National's Chinese New Years open house on Feb 11 in Penang. Music lover do know that PSY is already coming to Malaysia for FMFA (Future Music Festival Asia) in March but BN did a surprise by bringing in PSY's Gangnam style one month earlier.

Guess how much BN pay for PSY to perform a song during the CNY Open house? RM2 million!! Yes RM2 juta. Woah that's a huge amount! Thanks to the advance technology of social network nowadays, one people opinion can be shared through Facebook to the world in such a fast speed.

RM 2,000,000 for Psy to perform at Barisan National CNY open house
According to Andrew Rebel LD's Facebook status, he mentioned that PSY's ONE single track performance of just is already costing BN RM 2,000,000 (2 million Ringgit Malaysia). Woah that's a lot!! We all know music unites people and PSY is one of the most successful person who manage to use Gangnam style to unites people ALL around the world without need to care about the language barrier. BN's strategy on getting PSY to perform during Chinese New Year was awesome! HOWEVER, isn't RM 2 million a bit too much? The main concern would be, whose money were contributed for the RM 2 juta?

I would be tons more happy if the RM2 million were used to speed up and refine the highway/road/LRT/railway construction in Malaysia. Most of the people living in the city are wasting their life (at least 2 hours a day) to stuck in the traffic jam because of the road. Imagine every day you spent 2 hours in the car stuck in traffic jam, how many hours have you wasted in your life time?

I would be happier too if the RM 2 million were use to invite Malaysia own talented artists to perform at their hometown too. At least I can feel that the money will go back to the society.

With Psy's appearance, BN will surely able to attract 60,000 guest easily (Thanks to the 2 million) to be there to hear the speech. However, how many Malaysian will vote for the party just because they've brought in a universal music artist to Malaysia?

Maybe after this you will see PSY1M (Psy 1 Malaysia) campaign running on during the general election yo. Gangnam FTW! 

Oh wait, if BN's leaders do Gangnam dance all at the same time on stage with Psy, I will vote for the party. Nah.... Just Kidding~ There are still many more factors to consider before you vote for a party.

[Update] While I was checking out Psy's FB page, I saw there are tons of comments flooding this page with the urge to hope that Psy won't attend Barisan National's CNY Open House.

The message flooding Psy's FB page as below:
"Dear our idol, PSY, we love your song and we love how Gangnam Style could rock the party, however, please do not come to Malaysia. We hope that you will not attend the celebration party held by the Barisan Nasional in Penang, Malaysia in the coming Chinese New Year. (FYI, Barisan Nasional is the current ruling party of Malaysia government.)

If you come to Malaysia, you will become the political tool and your performance will be politicized by Barisan Nasional. It is a political party which is seriously corrupted and always abuses the power to persecute the Malaysian.

Barisan Nasional can spend millions of the people’s money to invite you to perform without second thought, but we, the citizens are the ones who will have to pay for it. The children in Sabah and Sarawak will struggle; walking miles of road to school, and feed on the leftovers, they could not afford to buy fresh vegetables every day. All the other citizens will never have enough money to live a better life; they’re forced to pay the tax which is spent arbitrarily. We are now forced to live in an utmost corrupted country, Malaysia.

Our general election is around the corner. Every citizen is waiting for the chance to change the government, to fight against the power of the evils.

Now, by using any dirty ways, the Barisan Nasional is trying to brain wash the young generation and to create an illusion which is the government had managed the country well but the truth is, Malaysia's national debt is now FIVE HUNDRED BILLION!! Mr. PSY, you can definitely dance with anybody, including Mr. Ban Gimun ( the Secretary-General of the United Nations ) but never Mr. Najib Razak. As for the reason, he is the prime minister of Malaysia, the 4th most corrupted country in the world.

We, the Malaysians hope to have a clean and fair election as what we demand in the “Bersih” demonstration. We don’t hope that the young generation to vote for a wrong government because of the dirty campaign tactics used by Barisan Nasional.

We have no other choice but to stop you and hope that you could read this letter. We sincerely beg for the sake of the people’s welfare, please, listen to our voice. It matters about our fate in the future. We hope you would take serious consideration regarding to this matter. Thank you.

From: Sincere and helpless Malaysians"

Now, what will be Psy's final decision? Will he appear at BN's CNY Open House on 11 Feb?

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