How to Slim Down Fast after Chinese New Year?

I believe almost everyone who celebrated Chinese New Year are regretted with all the food and drinks they have swallow down and stay around at the stomach area. Unfortunately, I am one of them... I mean... how can you resist all those good food prepared by your family right? If you don't eat, it will all become part of the rubbish bin. Here's a picture of my CNY lunch:

A typical CNY lunch with 11 delicious dishes

 This was only part of all the foods I've 'wallap' during CNY and some of the stubborn fat just decided to reside at my belly area. You may see it from the pictures below:

Courtesy of Calvin Hee from Gorgeous Fitness Malaysia, I was given a 1 year membership to go to any of the gym.  I've never really use it as I find it quite 'hard' to go to gym alone without having proper training/trainer that assist me. Maybe I shall just go there and make some friends. Wonder if any of you are frequent visitor of Gorgeous Fitness Puchong Branch? I would like to join you if you are willing to teach. Will recommend you and your professional training services on my blog for sure hahaha.

Back to the topic, if you really wanna slim down and get rid of all the fats that's stored to your body during this CNY. You must determine enough to spend just around 30 minutes per day to do some aerobic exercise. You may choose to run on a treadmill, swim 2km in swimming pool, or follow Korean Fitness Star Jung Da-yeon(郑多燕)'s infamous aerobic exercise:


I've hearing and seeing my friends doing the exercise and they can at least maintain the body weight or even slim down to how they wanna be. Yeah it will be tiring but no pain no gain right? Therefore, if you are like me always stuck the ass on the chair, it is time to move your ass and do something else in 30 minutes. You may try the Harlem Shake if you think you can move your hips as fast as Dennis Yin LOL.

Only by doing enough exercise, you will able to enjoy more delicious food without sabotaging your health. Life is short, so live healthy and you'll be wealthy with what you have.

Now all I need is a strict schedule and to find motivation that will keeps me moving. Who wanna be my gym partner?! I do a free portrait photography session for you if you guide me to workout!! HAHA

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