NTV7 The Breakfast Show & Bella to Air Will & Kate Special Segments

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

The royal nuptial of Prince William and Kate Middleton is more than just a fairy-tale wedding – it’s a worldwide phenomenon where the number of TV viewers has been estimated at around 2 billion. The couple also has a strong following in Malaysia with over 2.3 million viewers who tuned into the LIVE televised wedding on ntv7 last year. With such a huge fan base, it is no wonder their visit to the country from 13 – 15 September has created a substantial buzz, which gives all the more reason for ntv7’s The Breakfast Show and Bella to celebrate their arrival with special segments in the show starting September 9.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

An interesting mix of content on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge including Kate Middleton’s fashion evolution, the couple’s extraordinary love story and their contribution to the society, trivia, fun facts, and even a recap on their fairy-tale wedding, will be explored in the morning talkshows. The team who will be producing these segments will also be adding in a local voice to the reports through commentaries and vox pops from the public.

NTV7 The Breakfast Show

NTV7 Bella

Besides these great content, viewers are also welcomed to upload their messages for Will & Kate via video on the Facebook page of The Breakfast Show and Bella at facebook.com/ntv7tbs OR facebook.com/Bellantv7. Selected videos will be aired LIVE in the morning talkshows during the Royal Couple’s 3-day visit to Malaysia. All these and more can be found only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.


Prince William and Lady Diana
Prince William and Lady Diana

NTV7 THE BREAKFAST SHOW SCHEDULE (Every Monday to Friday at 8am)

10 September, Monday (British Monarchy & The Middletons)
The Breakfast Show explores the British Monarchy and the intricate lifestyles led by the Royals. The report will also highlight the Middleton family and how a commoner can be part of the elite people in the British family.

11 September, Tuesday (Prince William)
The life of Prince William will be revealed in this special report including his social life and previous relationships. The show will also reveal what he was like as a child, being an apple of the eye to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and what he did to continue his mother’s legacy in contributing and caring for the world at large.

12 September, Wednesday (Kate Middleton)
Kate’s life changes after her parents decided to do something big to transform their mediocre life – from a middle income family to be part of the elite family in England. The report will also talk about Kate as a fashion icon and her fashion evolution, which have created an impact in the fashion world.

13 September, Thursday (The Royal Engagement & Wedding Preparations)
This special report will talk about the announcement of the Royal Couple’s engagement and also the preparations for the big day including how the announcement was made and the dress that Kate wore for the announcement, which sold out the moment the world saw and knew what brand it was. There will also be interesting news on the wedding ring, which belonged to the late Princess Diana who wore it during her engagement with Prince Charles.

14 September, Friday (Now and Beyond)
Highlights in this report will cover the public’s perception towards Kate and her family. The content will also include the charity bodies that they are actively participating in and where they have been ever since the wedding to spread good will. The report will also relate back to why the Royal Couple visit Malaysia and only choose these few countries to go to.

17 September, Monday (Post Coverage of Will & Kate – The Malaysian Tour)
This post report will cover the 3-day visit of the Couple to Malaysia.
BELLA (Sunday, 1.30 – 2.30pm AND Monday to Thursday, 11am – 12pm)

NTV7 BELLA SCHEDULE (Every Monday to Friday at 8am)
9 September, Sunday (Bella Weekend)
Bella delves deeper into the lives of Will & Kate, while giving viewers a recap on their wedding, their impact in terms of fashion and lifestyle in brief, and preparations by fellow Malaysians for their visit.

10 September, Monday (Bella Confidential)
The show will highlight on the similarities and differences between the late Princess Diana and Kate in terms of their presence in the society, characteristics, as well as the royalties and public’s perception toward them.

11 September, Tuesday (Bella Society)
Discover Will & Kate's contribution and the impact that they have made to the society through this special report. From charities to fashion statements as well as trends, they have done it all!

12 September, Wednesday (Bella Mars)
The attention now goes to the prince charming, Prince William as Bella finds out more about him before and after the marriage plus the women in his life. We will also find out about his life in the military and how he stood up as a hero!

13 September, Thursday (Bella Unwind)
Find out what fashion influences the late Lady Diana and Kate have stirred all around the world from their wedding gowns to their stunning choices for red carpet events and even their daily wears.
16 September, Sunday (Bella Weekend)
A special post report which covers the 3-day tour of the Royal Couple to Malaysia including their activities, interest and fashion during this visit, Apart from that, this report will also highlight on the Queen’s 60th Diamond Jubilee activities around the globe.

In the run-up to the much-awaited visit, ntv7, Malaysia’s preferred TV station initiated a countdown, which took place from 1st September through its “Will & Kate – The Malaysian Tour” special, where a host of initiatives are carried out during the 12-day countdown.

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