Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 - Power In Your Pocket

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"Power In Your Pocket", what does it means to you? For me, it means something that come in small size but can do wonders and many superb thing within just one compact body. Many people nowadays have a smartphone that can do all the internet and social sharing thing. You can Tweet, Facebook, Whatsapp and do it all from that slim gadget. But when it comes to capture photos during low light, I am not sure about you but I don't feel satisfy with the pictures I get from my phone. The flash light just ruin everything in the picture with boring flash. That's why I think Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 will helps me a lot in capture better images especially during some special occasion like birthday party, concert, performance including night scenery. I will share with you how this camera will helps me in taking better images.

1" Exmor CMOS sensor that produce DSLR like image quality

The RX100 is a huge upgrade for a compact camera as it now has a large, specially developed 1" Exmor CMOS sensor to capture more light from your scene and reproduce every stunning detail with greater fidelity. This sensor will able to produce 20.2MP images, which means you can have your pictures printed in larger scale (eg. Poster or Wallpaper)! The sensor enables advanced column A/D processing that reduces noise levels, resulting in astonishing low light images with incredible smooth and clear details.

What does bigger sensor means? It means you can take clearer pictures although under low light and the image will have low noise level (less pixelated image when using high ISO setting). Your image will be enhanced by combo with the F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens.

F1.8 aperture is good for low light photography, it makes your images taken at night looks bright!
Since I am a photographer with DSLR, I need different lens to create different kind of image. If you like bokelisious images and bright photos taken during night. You need a lens with wide aperture (example F1.8).  I am glad that SONY Cyber-shot RX100 is equipped with F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with 3.6x zoom. This means you will able to take images that looks like below:

Christmas Tang Yuan @ Intermark Mall International Food Hall

Above images was captured using my DSLR with a 50mm portrait lens at F1.8 aperture. On your left is a normal image of the Christmas tree in focus; On your right is a bowl of Tang Yuan (Glutinous rice ball) with Christmas Tree as background. With the F1.8 aperture lens, this is how I magically blur the background and change the Christmas lighting behind to looks like lights flare. It creates different kind of images that blur out the background and at the same time make the images looks bokehlicious and beautiful.

All I wanna say is Sony Cyber-shot RX100 is equipped with this newly developed large-diameter F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens that delivers refined background defocusing - bokeh. Now with SONY Cyber-shot RX100, I don't need to bring my huge ass camera along for the same result!

Premium multi-layered T* coating on Carl Zeiss lens that makes a difference
 A premium multi-layered T* coating also dramatically reduces ghost and flare caused by light reflection. This T* coating will helps you a lot in reducing the flares that ruin the image. You will appreciate this more when you shoot more photos with RX100 =)

The cute pop-up flash on SONY Cyber-shot RX100

The pop up flash is nicely installed in this compact body. Not only it serve as a tool to make your image looks brighter at night, it also can be use as bounce flash because you can actually tilt the flash at any angle you want. Doesn't that sounds cool? I wanna try this out  =D

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 has a control ring that makes your setting easier
There is this control ring installed at the front of RX100 and it can function more than what DSLR does. Usually for DSLR the control ring is for manual focus. But for RX100, this control ring can do wonders by adjusting the aperture, ISO, scene mode and of course including manual focusing =) It will comes in handy to helps you adjust your camera setting to desired mode. Must thanks to this ring too so that Sony Cyber-shot RX100 can be as compact and slim to just slip inside your pocket.

Back view of Sony Cyber-shot RX100 with 3" LCD Display
Now let's check out the back view of RX100. The interface looks simple but not lacking of control that you need to snap good photos. A shortcut button for quick video recording in HD quality. A Function (Fn) button that you can customize for faster access to your desire camera setting. Last but not least, is the new 3" LCD Screen that has WhiteMagic Technology.

High visibility even in bright sunlight with WhiteMagic on RX100

What is WhiteMagic Technology?
With WhiteMagic technology you will be able to see the world in perfect clarity and definition no matter how bright or dim lit the environment is. WhiteMagic Technology uses white pixels in addition to RGB to boost screen brightness allowing you to effortlessly compose shots in all conditions. 

This means you won't face difficulty when wanna snap photos at the sunny beach that's hot and bright. It will be great for my travel getaway to any Island soon~

RX100 can record in dark environments and with better video quality
This is highly related to the F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens as with wider aperture your camera can absorb more lights which eventually makes your video looks brighter too. This is definitely good for me if I wanna record the exciting party scene that I've attended.
This is a picture captured using my DSLR during Heineken New Bottle Launch party
I've attend a Heineken Party for its new bottle launch and Ferry Corsten was playing. How I wish I have Sony Cyber-shot RX100 (only 240g) around as I could just hold it up with just a hand and record down Ferry Corsten's amazing performance. That time I couldn't hold my heavy DSLR way up high for long because it was just too heavy ... Isn't it great when you can have something that perform well as good as your DSLR minus the weights?

If you like Instagram, you might as well like the creative picture effect/filter
I always like Instagram as it give us a different feel on that particular picture. It is a trend where people want to do more with their compact camera, so I am happy to know Sony Cyber-shot RX100 has numerous pictures effect ready for creative mind like us.  

[Pictures effect including: Toy Camera, Pop Color, Posterization, Retro Photo, Soft High-key, Partial Color, High Contrast Monochrome, Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Rich-tone Monochrome, Miniature, Watercolor, Illustration]

Main features of Sony Cyber-shot RX100
Why do you want a Sony Cyber-shot RX100?
I have listed down a few reasons (as above)  on why I would like to have this little gadget that can do big things and how it relates to my daily life.

1. People want to have a compact camera for an obvious reason, light and easy to bring with its compact small body. Not everyone want to travel along with a huge ass DSLR that sometimes hurt your shoulder. With RX100 you can now produce DSLR like quality photos within a small compact body. So why should you travel with extra weight on your luggage? I almost need to pay extra for my heavy camera lens that fly together with me during travel. With a good compact camera, I can just travel light but still producing quality travel photos. 

2. It is good to have heavy DSLR together with different camera lenses. But sometimes you just want to save the hassle and get rid of all the heavy weight. A compact cam that can deliver brilliant quality image as good as DSLR is good enough if you traveling far. There will be no more pain shoulder for carrying your DSLR. I've always looking for better alternative, which is a compact camera that has the ability to achieve DSLR-like effects and quality images. This is why I would like to have Sony Cyber-shot RX100.
3. With the wide aperture lens, we know RX100 can perform well under low light condition. When you go to clubbing, you don't want to have a huge ass camera following you. Therefore it is worth to get a Sony RX100 that can capture low light photos anytime anywhere as long you got it in your pocket. You are there to enjoy the party, not to be the photographer working there. 

4. It is definitely safer to bring a compact camera with you especially if you are going out till late night. Less attention for the robber /thieves who want to steal your belonging. I've got friend whose DSLR was stolen after he leaving from the party.

5. As we all know, huge ass camera are not allowed to bring into the concert. Which is kinda sad for me if I couldn't snap nice photo of the performance for good memories. However, with Sony Cyber-shot RX100, it is slim enough to hide inside your pocket and you can then use this to capture photos during your favourite concert moments! If I win this I am gonna bring this to The Wanted concert and try it out! Nyahaha.

6. F1.8, the magic number every camera should have to provide you the quality night scenery pictures. RX100's fast 3.6x lens is great for achieving that shallow DSLR-like depth-of-field and using the camera in low-light conditions. Which is good for me who always attend night events and concerts!

7.  RX100 has the Video recording shortcut that made my video recording easier. Your video will be made easily with the quiet and fast autofocus that seamlessly sound too. I sometimes face the problem of my DSLR recorded the sound when I twist the lens for different focusing. Which is something that you would like to get rid from your video.

8. 20.2 megapixels. Simply better than my current DSLR (12 MP) where I can print bigger size photos captured using Sony RX100! I can now snap huge underwater photos of Nemo and print it as my wallpaper!!

9. RX100 has fast auto-fucus and its twin control rings will ease my shooting easily when I just want to point and shoot a fast moving scene.

10. Do you know that you can set RX100 to manual mode and do the desire setting like DSLR? It will give you more freedom to achieve the effects that you want how your image to looks like. And yeah RX100 can take photos in RAW format which allows you to do post-processing that makes your photos looks even better. This is one of the reason why I say it perform like a DSLR.

11. Thanks to the fast camera sensor, you can capture 10 frames per second with RX100. You will like this feature during capturing the scene of birds flying in swarm or when you chase a swarm of pigeons away. Oh ya, this is good for people like us who like to do jump shot! 

12. Sometimes, I just wish I have a second camera that compliment my DSLR. There is something that my DSLR cannot do but it can be achieved by using a compact camera like Sony Cyber-shot RX100. So Sony, would you granted my wish to own this little monster? =)

13. If you need more reason to get Sony Cyber-shot RX100, please read again my blog post from the top. Hahaha!

In conclusion, Sony Cyber-shot RX100 is a great partner for travel, portraits or street photography, a compact camera that can produce impressive quality photos with comfortable control options and this makes it ideal as a step-up from point-and-shoot cameras.

The beautiful sunset that I saw when I was looking for ideas =)

Last but not least, here's my picture expressing "Power In Your Pocket". Inspired by the sunset that represent colors of Sony Alpha:

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 - Power in My Pocket
The making of "Power In Your Pocket":
Initially I have an idea of having batman figurine popping out from my pocket but I don't have any... Visited the Toy store and they are too expensive just for a photo haha. I've thought of photoshopping Power Puff Girls/ Power Rangers to a photo but not good at photoshop. Later then I've decided to visit a Sony Retail Store that has RX100 display set and played with it. Really fast focus and I like the flexible pop-up flash ~

In the end, I brought back a RX100 brochure, cut the "camera" out and slot it into my jeans. Thanks to the sunset, I've created a better image with the light flares the sun created. Hope you guys like it and give me a thumbs up!!

[This is a contest post for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 contest organized by Sony Malaysia. If you want to support me, click the Facebook Like button, Tweet and share with your friends! Thank you everyone! =D *finger crossed*]

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