Samsung Threaten Bloggers & Cancel Flight - Did It Happen to me?

Yo guys, I am sure some of you guys have read about the article of Samsung flew bloggers halfway around the world, then threatened to leave them there and another article about France who won a contest to go to the London Olympic Games that has been shared on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. I've even got friends who are concern about me and asked if this happened to me as well. So here's a blogpost about it.

The first article was about 2 bloggers being sent from India to Berlin to cover some Samsung events, end up it didn't went well and they were told that their air flights has been cancelled; The second post is about France, a female blogger who won a contest to go to London 2010 Olympic Games. I think her main concern was about being followed by creepy personnel that urging her for updates and many more tasks-to-do everyday as she get exhausted.

Samsung Global Bloggers gathered up at Chelsea Football Club for our first orientation day!

I, as one of the lucky bloggers who won Samsung Global Blogger contest to London 2012 Olympic Games is going to share about my experience during my trip to London. First of all, I was surprised to read the two articles above and feel sorry that it happened to them but glad at the same time that it didn't happen to any of us during our Samsung Global Blogger program. For bloggers from India, it might be miscommunication between the bloggers and PR for the event as they never communicate properly on what they are expecting to get from the bloggers or bloggers not being briefed clearly before they accept the sponsored trip and took the flight far away from home.

Well, my trip to London is different from what France had been through. With addition that seems like France was on a different trip than mine. Few weeks before I took the flight  to London I've already being clearly briefed on the guidelines and how the daily schedule is going to be by my country Samsung personal, who is going to assist me throughout the journey. Of course,  at first I was surprised as I saw the packed schedule being planned to us for the 10 days trip. It sounds really challenging as you will need to complete a few assignments by writing blogposts about what is happening around London. You can share your experience in words, pictures or even videos. Including doing a 30 seconds video (in group) to be featured on the webisodes on Samsung Global blogger Website. We were also recommended to Tweet and Facebook about what's happening during our trip in London including sharing our London Olympic experience together with Samsung as these will be count as social points to win their blogging contest. Something that make us feel better instead of just "working" for the company.

First thing first, why does a company organize a sponsored trip for journalist/editors/bloggers to their events? It is to get people to share more about their events and products right? There is no such thing as free lunch in this world. The reason people offering you something is that you are able to help them out in another way round too (exposure for their desired products/message to spread out wide). However, there is always a balance point that make things work out, when one side is demanding too much from what the other side can offer, they will get exhausted and ends up forming broken collaboration. France seems like really exhausted after going through several events they asked her to cover and eventually bad things happened, more and more misunderstanding happened that leads to an unhappy ending.

Oh ya, forgot to mention that each of us were given a Samsung GALAXY S3, Oyster Card (7 days), London Pass (7 days pass to many places that need ticket), a luggage, per diem and also SGB(Samsung Global Blogger) shirts. I must say I am very appreciate and feel gratitude on Samsung Team that handling us well during Samsung Global Blogger Trip. Yes, we do need to gather up at the meeting room wearing the uniform being given to us but that's just during the meeting.  On the first day, we were briefed on what we need to do along the whole trip, a blogpost a day, a 30 seconds team video (group with bloggers from different country), and gather up again at night for another quick meeting.  In the morning, we will need to go to the meeting room to collect our per diem (yeah, allowance to use during our trip!) and Samsung Olympic Pins to give out to interviewees after vox-pop; During night meeting, it was just a quick announcement on whose video manage to make to the top to be featured on Samsung Global blogger Webisodes and who are the bloggers of the day (you will win a London Olympic Shirts signed by David Beckham)

David Beckham signed London 2012 Olympic Games Shirt
Yeah, me being lucky enough to win twice as "Blogger of the Day" that won T-shirts signed by David Beckham. I am a happy man =D (Though David's signature is a bit too small but imagine he need to sign hundreds of the same shirt haha)

Although we were not being able to go to London Olympic Stadium for the open ceremony, we were given a chance to witness the Live Broadcast of London 2012 Olympic Games at Hyde Park. It was definitely a-once-a-life-time experience if you ask me =) 

Of course at first I feel it was hard to do the blog post everyday ( at first place I did expected that this might be a relaxing trip but it will be too good to be true) but once you know what to do daily, you kinda coped with the things and can handle it better day by day. I must say I've been "well trained" since I joined a blogging contest two years ago - My Selangor Story and it was tons more tougher than this! Glad that I was in a group of three where my bloggers buddy are good at complete the task together as fast as possible so we got the free time to explore London more by ourselves. (some went to shopping, some went to museum, London landmarks and I went to most of the parks in London City, the scenery are just nice!)

Hereos of Beach Volleyball spotted at the park
We were given exclusive tickets to watch the live Olympic Games that's happening around the town. I am happy enough to watch Beach Volleyball and Tennis tournament live in London! You should check out my blogpost below to see how close I was to Roger Federer!

Me with a few other Samsung Global Bloggers at London Eye. Amazing night view from the top!
Fortunately, we were not followed by any creepy fella to make sure we do our "work". It was really free and easy for us while we travel from one place to another place. I managed to visit many places around city of London including taking a ride on London Eye at night, explore the nightlife in Piccadilly circus, and yes a free-day for us to do whatever we want! I must thanks my Samsung manager too as she helps me a lot in revising my blog post making sure that there's no grammatical errors on my blog post. Monitoring my social media sharing so that she know what I've been through instead of directing what I need to do. Without her I am sure I will be a super-exhausted-cat (why cat? I don't know haha) stranded in my comfortable hotel room. Each of us were given a nice hotel room to stay along the whole journey in London. Thanks to the Korean Samsung team that handling everything for the webisodes of Samsung Global Blogger too, they have been almost 24 hours inside the meeting room to deal with all our stuff while we traveling around.

All I wanna say about above two articles is that both parties must make sure that they fully understood what is the sponsored trip about and what do they expect from us. Remember, there is no free lunch in this world! For me, it is the matter of how you handle it and complete what they expected from you. You can definitely do your own things without being stressed up. Of course, if one party is asking for unreasonable thing, you got the power to say no to them!  Good to know that the bloggers' air-flight has been handled well  by better person and they are able to go back home safely. As for France, sorry again to hear about your encounter, it must be some stressed up people to make sure people "do their work".

I am not saying who's right or wrong here as when things are not being handled properly, it will turns out badly and become the gossip/news that people sharing around.  Between, it is possible that the unethical tactic was the "artworks" by Samsung India, and not necessarily representing the brand globally. I am glad that my London trip turned out well and got my precious experience through this trip. Hope that this issue will be solved properly as it affect the brand globally now by looking at how fast the news is spreading right now.

Below are things that I've done during my Samsung Global Blogger trip, some are really exclusive as I able to meet Jamie Oliver in person and interview him too! Check out my blogpost below during my London 2012 Olympic Games trip:

Yes, thanks to Samsung Malaysia I was able to interview Dato' Lee Chong Wei, our talented national badminton player before he flew to London and grabbed a Silver back that made Malaysia proud!

Never though of being able to visit Chelsea Football Club having the whole scene by myself!  We met SGB judges and did some video recording featured on MSN website.

  London Live Broadcast London 2012 Olympic Games @ Hyde Park

Didn't manage to go Olympic Stadium for the open ceremony but this is not bad too, witness the crowd watching live broadcast of Olympic Open Ceremony with concert as part of the entertainment. Jetplanes flying over us with colorful sky-painting.

  Sunny Beach Volleyball Match @ Horse Guards Parade

I never know that there are performance between matches and it was fun watching them dancing on the beach ;p

Tour to Tower of London and Tower Bridge in a moody weather
The weather in London was changing and moody but I am glad we went to this place and did something fun!

 Met Jamie Oliver in Person and he said Hi to Malaysia!
One of the happy moment during my SGB trip is to meet Jamie Oliver in person. He was kind enough to make a video together and dedicate this for Malaysia fans~ Do check out my blogpost ya!

Do you know how does a tough games looks like? it was a tough match between Roger Federer and Dennis Istomin at the tennis court. Check out this blogpost for more photos and I am glad I was sitting quite near to the players~!

There's more to share but I will let you figure on on this space =)

"One bad apple will spoil the whole bunch, but that doesn't necessarily means all the apples are bad"

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