Come support 'Rap Against STD' with Durex!

Do you know what are STDs? Do you know how dangerous and serious when one person is infected with it? I know about it but it doesn't mean all the teenagers know about it. Recently I saw Durex Malaysia having this 'Rap Against STD' campaign and I have decided to join the cause by doing a shout-out. This is something that we can do to raise awareness and stop the spread of STDs!

PS: You must read until the end to see my video shout-out! I know you can rap, but how bout me? Will let you find out.

Spotted a loving couple during my trip to London 2012

Now, let's imagine when two compatible person meet each other, they fell in love and decided to take their relationship to the next step. They picked that day to celebrate new year together and eventually did "that thing" that couple always do without any safety precaution. You know what I mean haha!

Later then he/she found out that one of them got infected with Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). All these can be prevented if they practices safe sex, the guy should use a condom and the girl must always make sure that he does. If not, just decline him!

STDs are illnesses passed from one person to another through unprotected sex. Examples of STDs:  HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Chancroid, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts and so on. I am glad that during my study life in University, I had Bio-Medic course that teach us about various kind of disease including STDs. That's why I have the awareness about safe sex and how to prevent it. However, not everyone knows about it and I guess it is good to spread the knowledge around and help other people as well.

If you really love your spouse and your partner, you can give him/her almost everything but definitely not STDs.

If you are active in sexual life with multiple partners, you are advised to see a doctor and get a body checkup to make sure you AND your partners are safe from STDs. Imagine if you are infected and you need to tell all the partners that you've "contact" with.

If you got  this burning sensation when you pee, you better go see a doctor. This indicates you have an infection. Straight or gay, married or single, you're vulnerable to STDs, whether you engage in oral, anal or vaginal sex. You may want to check this up for the common STDs symptoms and how serious it can be.

If you always play safe, you won't need a mirror do to the exact same thing like he did =)

In 2009, an estimated 4.9 million people in Asia were living with HIV. Imagine how frightening when your partner know that you're infected with STD? Especially HIV, the incurable disease that doctor is still working on finding the cure. Once you are infected, you will need to spend your whole life fighting the sickness.

Well, practicing safe sex by using condom is a good way to prevent you from infected with sexually transmitted diseases. It is good to have fun with your partner, but it is always better to play safe so that you won't regret later. In 2011, there were 3,479 new HIV infections notified to the Ministry of Health, giving an average of nine new cases each day.

After all, don't you want to live long with your beloved partner till the end of the world?

Here's one thing you can do now, In partnership with Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia (FRHAM) and AIESEC, a leading youth organization, Durex Malaysia will be launching a youth campaign called: Rap Against STD.

Young adults in Malaysia will learn more about the often overlooked issue of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in a new way – by doing a shout-out.

What can you do to support Rap Against STD?
Submit a video of yourself or with a group of friends rapping your own simple 1 – 2 liners on the “Durex Rap Against STD” Facebook Application.  These videos will be played consecutively - turning it into one long seamless rap video. 

I've done a video and here is it!:
I am sure you can do better than me right? Haha! =) Come! Join me and participate in this campaign by submitting your video now through from 19th Sept onwards. Do this for creating a cause for awareness against STD!

Spread the love of this campaign by sharing this on your Facebook, Twitter and other social sites!
YOU can now do your part in raising awareness on protected sex

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