NTV7 Golden Awards 《金视奖》 2012 Top 10 Revealed @ Teeq Brasserie [Celebrities Photos]+
[22/9/2012] Golden Awards 2012 Winners Announced @ PICC [Photos]
[24/9/2012]NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Celebrities @ Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯 [Part 1]
[25/9/2012]NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Celebrities @ Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯 [Part 2]


So many artists in one place. If only there was a wide lens with me for better group picture. Sorry if you're being cropped. More photos coming up!

It may be just the second time Golden Awards – the most prestigious and recognised awards show in the Malaysian Chinese television industry – is taking place, but the competition this year is far greater and fiercer than any predictions made.

Gorgeous ladies on stage. Congratz on being nominated =)

The announcement of the Top 10 Nominees today has put three female leads in tight competition. It is revealed that Debbie Goh, Chris Tong, and Yenn Teoh have scored two nominations each in the “Best Actress” category and will be fighting for the coveted title. For Chris and Yenn, this is the first time that they have been nominated under this category. Meanwhile, Debbie was nominated before but lost to her biggest contender, Yeo Yann Yann in the first Golden Awards held in 2010. Other nominees for this category include Remon Lim, Tiffany Leong, Aenie Wong, and Loo Aye Keng.

With a total of 23 awards to be presented in three categories – Drama, Non-drama, and Viewers’ Choice – the awards show organised by ntv7, recognises the outstanding work of those who have contributed passionately in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes. Apart from honouring the best talents in the country, the awards show held every two years, also helps bring the Malaysian Chinese entertainment industry to higher standards and recognition from its regional and worldwide peers.

Like any other television awards show, the “Drama” category is no doubt the most watched after category with 9 sub-categories including Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Newcomer, Best Drama Theme Song, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. A total of 179 entries were received in this category.

As expected, “Age of Glory 2”, “A Time to Embrace”, and “Time FM” lead the pack with 9 nominations, while two other popular series, “Footprints in the Sand” and “Forget Me Not”, clinched 8 nominations each. Meanwhile, William San and Coby Chong who play brothers in “Forget Me Not” will be competing in the “Best Actor” category alongside Golden Awards 2010 Best Actor and Most Popular Actor, Melvin Sia for his role in “Goodnight DJ 2”. This will definitely be a tough call for the judges as the three male leads left great impressions in their nominated roles, with William taking on a more serious character, while Coby proved himself a skillful actor by playing a challenging role of a 28-year-old with the mentality of a seven year old, and Melvin being a past winner.

Although being crowned as Best Actress in Golden Awards 2010, Yeo Yann Yann will only compete in the “Best Supporting Actress” category this time around with two nominations for her roles in “Time FM” and “A Time to Embrace”. Yann Yann who recently tied the knot will be up for a tough battle against veteran actress, Seck Fook Yee who was the previous winner for this category. Meanwhile, Jordan Voon and Gary Yap who were both nominated in last year’s Asian Television Awards for their supporting roles in “Footprints in the Sand” and “A Time to Embrace” respectively, will go head to head with another strong contender, Laurens Teo, who has double nominations in the “Best Supporting Actor” category.

All eyes will also be on Adrian Tan who took on the leading role in popular sitcom series, Time FM. The singer/actor is nominated in three categories – “Best Actor”, “Best Newcomer”, and “Best Drama Theme Song”. Adrian is also deemed as the top contender in the “Best Newcomer” category among other frontrunners including former beauty queen Soo Wincci, popular TV host Belinda Chee, and the very talented, nine-year-old Crystal Lee. Other notable nominees include Director, Tham Siew Ngoy who is nominated in the “Best Director” category for three of his series – “Forget Me Not”, “The Adjusters”, and “Age of Glory 2”.

Meanwhile, in the “Non-drama” category, 8 sub-categories were originally identified including – Best Variety & Entertainment Programme, Best Variety & Entertainment Programme Host, Best News & Current Affairs Programme, Best News & Current Affairs Programme Host, Best News Anchor, Best Magazine Programme, Best Magazine Programme Host, and Best Festival Programme. However, due to a shortage in the entries submission for the “Best News & Current Affairs Programme Host” category, there will not be an award for this. The Non-drama category has received a total of 170 entries.

After winning the “Best Reality Programme” in Golden Awards 2010, Ultimate Power Group continues to impress judges with a total of 4 nominations received for its second season. The three hosts from this reality television singing competition, Gary Yap, Natalie Ng, and Yoon Ng will also be vying for the title, “Best Variety & Entertainment Programme Host”, and fighting alongside two other strong contenders – Cheryl Lee (Hot Chef Season 1) and Jia Hui (The Perfect Gentleman). Both equally famous TV hosts, Natalie and Cheryl will also go head to head in the “Best Magazine Programme Host” category with Cheryl being the frontrunner with two nominations in this category.

Chan Wei Wei who took home the “Best Magazine Programme Host” last year is also nominated for three categories this year including “Best Variety & Entertainment Programme Host”, “Best News Anchor”, and “Best Magazine Programme Host”.

Meanwhile, past winner for “Best News and Current Affairs Programme”, Siasat Mandarin, which received two nominations this time around, is set for some tough competition as it competes against “Eyes on You”, which received three nominations. Close to this category, the “Best News Anchor” category saw the domination of female News Anchor nominees including Chan Wei Wei, Tiang Kah Chee, Ong Ching Yee, and Liew Li Li. The thorn among the roses, Tan Chia Yong is the one and only male News Anchor who is nominated in this category. Owen Yap who previously won the “Best Current Affairs Host” and “Best Variety & Entertainment Programme Host” has recently announced that he will not be competing in any of these categories, citing personal reasons behind his decision.

The nomination for “The Superb Match Makers” in the “Best Festival Programme” came as no surprise as the big hit telemovie was rated “the most watched programme at that particular time slot” on the first day of Chinese New Year and nominated in the 16th Asian Television Awards. The telemovie will be competing against other notable shows including “Muslim in China 2011” and “Mr. Siao’s Mandarin Class CNY Special”.

Apart from the 16 Drama and Non-drama categories, TV audience will also have the opportunity to crown their favourite actors and hosts in the “Viewers’ Choice” category. All nominees in the top 10 “Best Actor/Actress”. “Best Newcomer”, and “Best Drama” categories will automatically be in the running for the “Most Popular Actor/Actress” and “Most Popular Drama” awards; while nominees for the top 10 “Best TV Host” and “Best News Anchor” categories in the “Non-drama” category will be automatically nominated in the “Most Popular TV Host” and “Most Popular News Anchor” awards. Audiences can vote for their favourite actors and hosts via SMS and Internet voting in the month of August.

Meanwhile, second round of judging process will be carried out later in the month of June, after which the Top 5 finalists will be announced during the 3rd press conference in July.

The organising committee of Golden Awards 2012 has also announced its very first Golden Awards Workshop – a brand new effort with an objective to unearth more roar talents to contribute to the Malaysian Chinese television industry. The workshop which will take place from 22 – 24 June at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson, is open to all Malaysians aged 16 to 45 who are fluent in Chinese, both speaking and writing. Interested participants will have to submit an essay in no more than 100 words, describing about themselves, and send it to by 31 May. Only 80 successful participants will be selected for this workshop. These participants will be notified via phone no later than 8 June. More information can be found on the official website at

Rated as one of the highest rating Chinese awards show in 2010 with over 1.2mil Chinese viewers (724,000 for the main show and 500,000 for the red carpet) at 14TVR with 50% Chinese share – claiming the top spot for a Chinese Musical/ Entertainment show – Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV said that the organising committee will continue its efforts to deliver their best to achieve the same or greater success for this awards show.

Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV

“Golden Awards is an amazing awards show and we look forward to strengthen our commitment in providing the platform to recognise the outstanding achievements of local talents, while achieving greater regional and international exposure,” said Airin.

“I would also like to extend my warm welcome to Toyota and thank them for coming in as the Official Car and the main sponsor for the Red Carpet. I would also like to express my special thanks to Poh Kong Holdings Berhad for being the Official Jewelry for Golden Awards 2012. Not forgetting one FM for their continuous support as the Official Radio Station for this prestigious awards show,” Airin added.

Golden Awards 2012 will be aired LIVE from Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) on 22nd September 2012. For more information on the show, log on to or follow the ntv7 Facebook and Twitter.


ntv7 2012《金视奖》电视剧类奖项入围名单 Golden Awards Drama Category Nominees

ntv7 2012《金视奖》非电视剧类奖项入围名单 Golden Awards Non-Drama Category Nominees

ntv7 2012《金视奖》观众投选类奖项入围名单 Golden Awards Viewer's Choice Nominees

Drama Category
D1 Best Drama 最佳电视剧
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋
Footprints In The Sand 足印
Time FM 时光电台
Forget Me Not 罪爱
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦
The Adjusters 稽查专用
Goodnight DJ 2 声空感应2
I, My Brother 我和我的兄弟-恩
Glowing Embers 炭乡
Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人

D2 Best Actor 最佳男主角
Title Nominee
Forget Me Not 罪爱 William San 辛伟廉
Goodnight DJ 2 声空感应2 Melvin Sia 谢佳见
Glowing Embers 炭乡 Frederick Lee 李洺中
Forget Me Not 罪爱 Coby Chong 庄可比
I, My Brother 我和我的兄弟-恩 Jack 陈泽耀
Mystique Valley 诡雾山城 Jordan Voon 温绍平
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Henley Hii 许亮宇
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Berg Lee 李承运
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Leslie Chai 蔡河立
Time FM 时光电台 Adrian Tan 陈凯旋

D3 Best Actress 最佳女主角
Title Nominee
Glowing Embers 炭乡 Debbie Goh 吴天瑜
Footprints In The Sand 足印 Yenn Teoh 张嘉殷
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Yenn Teoh 张嘉殷
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Chris Tong 童冰玉
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Debbie Goh 吴天瑜
Forget Me Not 罪爱 Remon Lim 林奕廷
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Chris Tong 童冰玉
My Destiny 幸福满贯 Loo Aye Keng 吕爱琼
Injustice 血蝴蝶 Tiffany Leong 梁绰琪
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Aenie Wong 王淑君

D4 Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角
Title Nominee
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Chan Fong 陈峰
Injustice 血蝴蝶 Laurens Teo 张水发
The Seeds Of Life 渔米人家 Yap Chin Fong 叶清方
Time FM 时光电台 Alvin Wong 王骏
Footprints In The Sand 足印 Jordan Voon 温绍平
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Elvis Chin 曾玟玮
Footprints In The Sand 足印 Freddie Wong 王骏
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Gary Yap 叶俊岑
Tribulations Of Life 浮生劫 Laurens Teo 张水发
Injustice 血蝴蝶 Wee Kheng Ming 黄启铭

D5 Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角
Title Nominee
Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人 Jess Lee 爵西
Footprints In The Sand 足印 Seck Foo Yee 释福如
Tribulations Of Life 浮生劫 Remon Lim 林奕廷
Friends Forever 我爱麻糍 Hishiko 吴佩琪
Time FM 时光电台 Yeo Yann Yann 杨雁雁
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Seck Fook Yee 释福如
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Yeo Yann Yann 杨雁雁
Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人 Yan Yee 巫恩仪
Forget Me Not 罪爱 Jojo Goh 吴俐璇
Time FM 时光电台 Janelle 秦雯彬

D6 Best Newcomer 最佳新晋演员
Title Nominee
Footprints In The Sand 足印 Crystal Lee 李馨巧
Time FM 时光电台 Adrian Tan 陈凯旋
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Kelvin Leong 梁拯康
Injustice 血蝴蝶 Soo Wincci 苏盈之
I, My Brother 我和我的兄弟-恩 Thomas 郭晓东
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Belinda Chee 徐慧华
My Secret Chef 一心忆意 Elvis Chin 曾玟玮
Kasih Impian & Harapan 有爱有梦有明天 Cindy Chan 陈思颐
Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人 Tedd Chan 曾国珲
The Seeds Of Life 渔米人家 Joelin 黄缪怡

D7 Best Drama Theme Song 最佳电视剧主题曲
Title Nominee
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 追影 . 筑梦-伍家辉
Footprints In The Sand 足印 无望岁月- 罗忆诗
The Adjusters 稽查专用 案发现场 - 林宇中
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 流连 - 罗忆诗 & 蔡河立
Injustice 血蝴蝶 断翅的蝴蝶 - 符琼音
Yes Sir 高校铁金刚 你看不到- 东与哲
Forget Me Not 罪爱 勿忘我 - 友弟
The Seeds Of Life 渔米人家 别无所求- 郑仲杰
Time FM 时光电台 时光点播 - Adrian 陈凯旋
Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人 断掌 - 涂晓琴

D8 Best Director 最佳导演
Title Nominee
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Simon Long 龙德耀
Forget Me Not 罪爱 Tham Siew Ngoy 谭少偶
Tribulations Of Life 浮生劫 Kok Tizyy Haw 郭贽豪
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Jason Kok 郭福华
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Tham Siew Ngoy 谭少偶
Injustice 血蝴蝶 Kok Tizyy Haw 郭贽豪
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Simon Long 龙德耀
Time FM 时光电台 Felix Tan 陈炳丰
Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋 Tham Siew Ngoy 谭少偶
Goodnight DJ 2 声空感应2 Chan Wei Cheang 陈伟昌

D9 Best Original Screenplay 最佳剧本
Title Nominee
The Adjusters 稽查专用 Chong Sheon Wei 张雄伟

Lum Lai Yep 林丽叶

The Kean Guan 郑建源
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦 Chan Yoke Yeng 陈钰莹

Tan Chee Hon 陈志鸿
Goodnight DJ 2 声空感应2 Chong Sheon Wei 张雄伟

Lum Lai Yep 林丽叶

The Kean Guan 郑建源
Footprints In The Sand 足印 Chong Sheon Wei 张雄伟

Lum Lai Yep 林丽叶

The Kean Guan 郑建源
Forget Me Not 罪爱 Ang Siew Hong 翁秀红

Dennis Lai Chaing Ming 赖昌铭

Moo Siew Keh 巫绍棋
Glowing Embers 炭乡 Chong Sheon Wei 张雄伟

Lum Lai Yep 林丽叶
Time FM 时光电台 Woo Siew Yen 胡秀滢

Ong Hui Siah 王慧霞
Mystique Valley 诡雾山城 Dennis Lai Chaing Ming 赖昌铭

Congratulation to all the nominated actors and I am really happy to see Malaysia Acting & Performing Industry getting a lot better compared to old days. I am also happy as some of my favourite actors are being nominated too! Stay tune at this page for more gorgeous photos of the talented artist, celebrities and personalities! =)

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